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QHTC Evo 3d won't boot past Telstra icon?

Well, the problem started when the battery is flat and the phone went off. The battery seems to drain completely within 24 hours , for some reason. The phone is about 2 months old . No mods or nothing has been done to him.

Basically , I connect to the computer, try to turn it on. It takes a number of attempts to hold down the power button for a few seconds to be on. " Quietly " Excellent display flashes the HTC , Telstra icon appears in the center of the screen. Start no further.

I left it for 5 minutes before trying the suggestions as the three button trick , the camera button trick power , the power button and hold for 15 seconds trick ,everything!

Not sure why he's doing this. It started yesterday and worked fine until the battery drains .

Also , why the battery drain so fast? I did not even running another program I have : S and I barely even use it at the time



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HTC Evo 3d won't boot past Telstra icon?

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