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Iphone 4s or HTC Rezound? related questions

  • 1Iphone 4 or htc rezound?

    Gok so im 13. And my parents are letting me get a smartphone because we made a deal that if they pay 50 ill pitch in 60 a month to pay my bill off. Im stuck between the iphone 4s or the htc rezound i have a ipod touch for along time so im sorta over the apple look but its still good for apps even though i alreay have a ipod touch. The htc rezound comes with beats which is awesome for a boy my age plus i love the speeds and screen resloution what do you think i should get. A huge part of my disision is the battery life because i text a lot on a normal day basis and my blackberry doesnt usualy last me. I know for some htcs you can get that extended battery thing but its like 80 dollars. Also i wouls be getting 5gb internet plan for verizon. Would that be enought to go on sites such as this and go on facebook and update status and post pictures an maybe a little youtube streaming? Thanks! :)

  • 2Iphone 4s Vs HTC Rezound?


  • 3Iphone 4s or HTC Rezound?

    I am for an upgrade and do not know which phone is what you think it should be? I like apps on the iPhone 4s and price. For Rezound 4G and I like the beats audio . I'm really torn and do not know what phone to get.

  • 4IPhone 4s or HTC Rezound ?

    I wonder what would be the best choice overall I'm looking at the iPhone 4s or the HTC Rezound any idea ..

  • 5Razr, Iphone or Rezound?

    i cant decide which phone i should get, watched many reviews but just cant decide which to get, what is your opinion between the droid razr, apple iphone, or htc rezound.

  • 6Apple iOS vs HTC Android? iPhone 5 or HTC Rezound?

    I am considering switching from the iOS to Android. I am for sure swapping back to Verizon from StraightTalk because I am tired of waiting for an untethered jailbreak to be able to use MMS with people using an OS besides iOS. I am a 17 year old girl. I have used all Apple products since I was about 12. You can say I am an Apple junkie I guess. Right now I am using an iPhone 4(ancient, I know, haha) on StraightTalk's unlimited everything plan. I've been using it for about a year now. Which is great, minus the fact that it is getting slower(the phone itself, not the service) and I can't use MMS(picture messaging) unless it is iMessage. I've been waiting for a while for an untethered jailbreak for 6.0.1, and it just doesn't seem like it's going to happen. I don't play games that much. I mainly just talk, text, use social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, the works), and listen to music. I am going back to Verizon to our family account. Which brings me to my main point. No, I am not a spoiled rich kid. I'm either getting a free phone or selling my current one to get a bew one. I pretty much have the option between any phone I want, but there are two that catch my eye. The iPhone 5(obviously) and the HTC Rezound. The iPhone 5 caught my eye because I've been using Apple products for a long time. And the Rezound because I like the looks of it, and it comes with a free set of Beats, which I like the quality of. If I go with the iPhone 5, I will sell my iPhone 4 and use that money to pay for the new phone. Right now the Rezound is free, so I would keep my iPhone for basically a backup or to use it as an iPod, or just sell it and keep the cash. So basically my question is this. Which should I get? The iPhone 5 or the HTC Rezound?

  • 7I am getting a new phone... do you think the droid rezound or the iPhone 4s is better?

  • 8Iphone 4s, Samsung Galaxy S3, or HTC Rezound?

    I'm getting a new phone and can't decide between these phones. They're all the same price.

  • 9Which phone should I get? (iphone 4s vs htc rezound vs galaxy nexus)?

    I'm getting a new phone for christmas and I'm stuck between these three! I've heard that the htc rezound can do pretty much everything that the iphone can and more, plus it comes with beats audio, but then there's the galaxy nexus which has the updated ice cream sandwhich software. IDK what do to. I'm kind of leaning towards the rezound though. does anyone have personal experience with these!?

  • 10I have Verizon Should I get the the Iphone or Samsung Nexus or Rezound?

    I currently have a HTC Thunderbolt &I want toget a ew phone but lost lol please help which one would you get. My friend currently has a Iphone threw Sprint. Please help me out.

  • 11Does the htc rezound have a reverse camera like the iphone or droid razr?

    Help please i would like to know if the htc has a reverse camera so i will know weather to get the droid razr or to get the htc rezound

  • 12Is the HTC ReZound screen quality better than an iPhone 4/4S retina display?

    Just wondering....