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Hey. if you drop either a orange sydney or a samsung galaxy mini will they break? related questions

  • 1Hey. if you drop either a orange sydney or a samsung galaxy mini will they break?

    plez let me know because I'm very clumsy and I do not know a witch to get thnxx

  • 2Did I just break my Samsung Galaxy Tab2?

    I'm trying to find a way to eradicate my tablet , so I went to a website that told me to press the power button while holding the volume button down. Well , I did that for 10 minutes now and has had a black screen with the green Android icon in the center of it. Below him, says

  • 3Help me break my phone and make it look like a accident?

    I want to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 and get rid of my crappy phone , but I know my parents wont get that unless something happens to my phone so he could give me a guaranteed way to break my phoneand make it look like an accident totall by the way , could you give me the best Android applications and games

  • 4Where can I buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Sydney?

    Can you please name some stores that sell the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, please? Like, Dick Smith or Bing Lee and stores like that. I went to a store last week, but they were all sold out. I would prefer a white, but I'll be satisfied with just black. Thank youu! btw. I live around Rhodes. So nothing too far away.

  • 5i am looking for exclusive limo sydney

    What is the average price for a limo rental? 

  • 6I need limousine service sydney airport!

    I need limousine service sydney airport!

  • 7? Upgrading my orange contract ?

    I have a contract with orange witch is coming to an end. I want to stay with orange and you want the new Samsung Galaxy S2 , but hav.nt I have any in the store. I can ? Continue my contract with orange to do so in a different store , as Carphone Warehouse or phones4u ? ? And I still get all the orange tent bonuses offered me plans? ?

  • 8Does anyone know where i can find one piece covers for samsung galaxy s3 In Sydney?

    Or anything else realted one piece

  • 9Orange Upgrade Phone Delivery?

    Just Oct. 31 ordered a new phone (upgrade , samsung galaxy s3 ) of Orange . My phone was updated to 28 and my contract ends sometime in December. The phone is meant to come the next day in the post ( I ordered before 3pm weekdays , yes ) and I have not received the phone . I can not get through on the Orange phone. Why it has not been delivered? I can not wait much longer , I need it by Monday .

  • 10I need help with a pre-order on Orange network! (10 PTS BEST ANSWERER PLUS 5 STARS)?

    Hi guys I pre - ordered the new Samsung Galaxy S3 from the Orange phone network and I just wanted to know if you know me , you get the most likely order ?

  • 11When will the galaxy s3 get the jelly bean update on orange (UK)?

    Samsung Galaxy s3 HAVE A currently running ICS , however , in the UK , it seems that the major networks, which is just orange T- Mobile who have not received this update Jelly Bean however, despite phones in the U.S. that already have it. Does anyone know how long the Jelly Bean update may take to arrive ?

  • 12Why is my phone using up credit when I'm not using it? Samsung Galaxy Apollo on Orange pay as you go.?

    I bought this phone earlier this week and got through £20 worth of credit. I topped up again today £10 and sent a text and checked that it had only cost me 10p. I haven't used it all day and I just checked it again and now it says I have £8 credit. I don't understand where it's going. I haven't used the internet though it's not connected to Wifi. I haven't made any other calls or texts. I haven't used any apps. The only thing I have done is phone to check my credit and there's no charge for that. Anyone know why this is happening?