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Whats a good tablet for school? related questions

  • 1Whats a good tablet for school?

    I'm going back to school full time and want to invest in a tablet, so I have to carry so many textbooks and even work on tasks in it . I was thinking of just going with a Nook Tablet because its so cheap and at first all I wanted was to use it for textbooks, but I realized if I was going to spend the money on something that I want the best and want get the most out of it . So you might want to paint or draw on it , perhaps, and the use of Facebook and golf games . So what should I look? Also I do not want to use 3G ( not sure if that would make a difference or not).

  • 2Whats a good tablet for me to use for school work?

    I especially would like to use for notes and it would be nice if it had wifi and could hold my books and stuff, any recommendations ? Also due to my lack of experience with these products can anyone tell me if they can hold office programs such as Open Office or Microsoft Office? oh yeah , and the price is a problem so do not recommend apple products are overpriced lol

  • 3What is a good tablet for drawing and school?

    I might be getting a pill and wondered what a tablet good for school and drawing it . ( Preferabley with a pencil )

  • 4Tablet good for High School?

    I'm looking for a tablet to write notes on the use of some type of processor or scrapbook, take pictures , listen to music , watch videos and surf the web . Are there tablets , besides the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab which is withing my price range $ 0 - $ 300 which is of good quality? please help, i neeeeeeedddd that ! :)

  • 5A tablet that isn't too expensive good for school?

    Is a samsung galaxy tab 2 able to get apps such as oneNote from microsoft? Or should i get an old ipad? any other good ideas?

  • 6A tablet that isn't too expensive good for school?

    It's a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 able to get apps like Microsoft OneNote ? Or should I get an old ipad ? other good ideas ?

  • 7Whats a good tablet that doesnt cost to much but has pretty good quality?

    I'm looking for a tablet that is to expensive as the iPad but that has better quality then a MID ePad.

  • 8Whats the best netbook for school for a cheap price?

    I want something quick good dinner at multitasking and small at least 10.1 inches. No bigger than 10.1 inches. I want something with at least 8 hours or more of battery life with Windows 7 installed on it and good to play some games like Civilization 4 lower graphs because when I get bored . Basically , something that is closer to a desktop PC ( Be a netbook can not replace a desktop computer but that would be epic if they could :) Also I do not want to go over $ 499, I know some netbooks can be pretty . Basically I just want something small and portable with a large battery and a fast processor .

  • 9Whats better a good phone or a tablet ?

    What would you recommend to get a top of the range phone ( Sony xperia s , Samsung Galaxy S3 ) or get a good tablet ( Sony tablet s , galaxy tab 10.1 ) and a Sony Xperia U or P with him . Please add any other recommendations for your phone or tablet for £ 500 - . budget £ 600 thanks in advance

  • 10Whats a good Android tablet that is under $300 and has android 2.2 or higher?

    What is a good Android tablet that is less than $ 300 and has Android 2.2 or higher ?

  • 11What tablet is best for school?

    I am a high-school student and I am thinking about getting a tablet for school but also for gaming and browsing and stuff like that. Any ideas?

  • 12Should i get a tablet for school??

    so im a college student and i was thinking in getting a tablet for school? the reason is mainly to get the text books in ereader form. that way its easier for me to buy all the book from amazon and download them on the tablet. instead of trying to look at different stores and going on amazon trying to find the cheapest and ordering the books i need. im also a big reader, so i definitely would use it for reading my kind of books. i can slo use it for pdf notes that professors give us. at first i was going for a kindle fire but now i heard that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 came out and it looks way better and a more powerful tablet for my needs. anyways should i or should i not? will it save me some cash in buying my textbooks in ereader form? btw i already have a laptop which i will continue to use to write my essays regardless if i do decide to get a tablet or not. i think i will do some light essays on the tablet. but last semester i took my laptop to school and it was a big burden for me to carry my backpack and the laptop carrying case around, especially since i dont have a car and use the city bus to get from school to my house. for those who do you use tablet, idc if its an ipad or an android tablet, is it convenient for school? if so how? if not, then why not?