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Will sprints service ever get better? related questions

  • 1Will sprints service ever get better?

    I have sprint and an HTC EVO 3D I love the phone but the carrier sucks they have spotty coverage the texting and calls are fine when I have signal but the only time I have decent internet speed is when I have full 3g bars and even then its not great when I'm on 4g its pretty good I know its because they have this unlimited plan but they need to fix this I'm soon going to move to Verizon from what I see they have much better service

  • 2How much does sprints 2 year contract cost?

    my brother got the iphone 5 and he is giving me his old htc evo 3d. If i take the evo 3d and walk into a sprint store can i have them activate it and give me a 2 year contract so i can get the newest evo in 2 years? If so how much would this cost?

  • 3How does sprints free phone upgrade work ?

    So I just switched to sprint yesterday &bought the HTC EVO 3D phone, I love the phone only dislike is it's battery life but anyways.. I've heard about sprint's phone upgrades through one of my friends who use to be with sprint but one thing I'm unsure about is, since I have a 2 year contact and say for example after so long I switched to a different phone does that continue my 2 year contract where I left of? or does it re start a 2 year contract ? Please let me know thank you

  • 4What phone service do you have?

    For your cell / mobile phone? I have Sprint Bq : What kind of phone do you ? Samsung Galaxy exhibitions .

  • 5Have you ever had any problems with Verizon service?

    I used to have an AT&T contract and my experience was horrible. I want a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a Verizon contract, although, ever since my experience with AT&T, I am not sure if I'll get another bad experience aswell. Has anybody had a problem with Verizon? Thanks!

  • 6Best mobile Prepaid service in US?

    I'm from Chicago and I will not be in a contract . I'm thinking of buying my friend on verizon samsung galaxy s3 . Does Verizon Prepaid good? Or tmobile have a better one?

  • 7Tmobile prepaid service help?

    I will start using your prepaid service , hows the service? And if I can buy a Samsung Galaxy S3 or Note 2 to , I can make the payments instead of paying full price up front ?

  • 8No service on HTC one s Jellybean updated?

    since I updated to 4.1 jellybean I have no service , such as phone calls bluetooth wifi . Basically no connection . I need help please.

  • 9Do you need a service provider for Samsung Galaxy Tab?

    I know Verizon in now selling the Galaxy Tab but I was wondering if it was required to have a service provider like you would a phone or if I could just buy one off of eBay and use it straight out of the box like you would an iPad? Thanks!

  • 10Can you put phone service on any samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could buy any galaxy tab 2 10.1 and take it to AT&T to have 4G or 3G internet activated on it, or does the tablet have to be specify that it supports it.

  • 11Monthly music service for Android?

    I used to have a Windows Phone , in which case I had a Zune account and just paid ten dollars a month for all the music I wanted. I know they have the Galaxy S3 and am anxious to see if anything is available for Android . I do not want to pay for each song , I want something similar to what I had with Zune . All I could find was Samsung Music Hub , but I can not get the songs to be on my devices , I have to be connected to the Internet , do not want, because I have the cheaper data plan . Any help is appreciated .

  • 12T Mobile - My phone has no service Problems!!?

    last month i woke up one morning and found my Samsung Galaxy S 2 / II had no service... i thought it was just the carriers fault so i waited about a couple hours and it still said No Service... out of frustration i visited a local t mobile retailer and they replaced my sim card... hooray the new sim card worked! so then i go home and a couple hours later... NO SERVICE / SEARCHING... you could imagine how frustrated i am by now... so i go back to the t mobile store and they send me a new galaxy s 2... (had to go on a whole week without a phone waiting for the new one to arrive). when the new galaxy s2 finally arrived i put my sim card in and bam it worked... i was so happy... then the next morning... NO SERVICE... i was pretty pissed at this point... i went back to the t mobile store AGAIN and they replaced the sim card another time and it worked again... but this time i worked for about 2 days... then i would say NO SERVICE or SEARCHING then it would get service again.... it fluctuates throughout the day and finally today it gave up on me and now its stuck on NO SERVICE... i am on the verge bashing my phone into millions of tiny pieces at any moment... i tried everything! i ran through 4 new sim cards... a brand new phone... i tried everything on the internet... most frustrating thing ever if anyone can help please i would appreciate it so much. Thanks for your time