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My phone wont download from some sources and wont connect to wifi? related questions

  • 1My phone wont download from some sources and wont connect to wifi?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , is fairly new and worked well until recently . Suddenly , one day stops connecting to a WiFi network . The wifi just booted my phone and now even the wifi signal is collected unless it is within a meter of the box. Since then I have also been able to download from the mobile data or Internet game store ? ? Help ? :. ? " ( Everyone else in the house can still use the wifi fine and I 'm running up quite a bill with my internet phone for everything that I would normally use for my phone wifi Do malfunctioning or am I? ?

  • 2My Samsung Galaxy s3 wont connect to my home wifi, whats wrong with the wifi?

    let my ipod connect to friends and my moms phone . then connect it says authentication error . my phone connects fine to any wifi wifi only my hme , what is wrong with my wifi

  • 3Samsung Galaxy S3 wont connect to WiFi?

    My internet at home is in heaven and is working very well , do you have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and to connect to wifi says authentication error ? You save and not ask password again , but only says authentication error ?

  • 4I have a galaxy ace and when wifi is connected it wont go online or anything online based wont work?

  • 5Why wont FIFA 12 for my phone download?

    I have just bought fifa 12 for my Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and it's telling me to clear space on my SD card (1684MB) even though i have 1.82 GB avaliable, is there a fix to this?

  • 6HTC One S wont pick up my wifi?

    I'm trying to use my computer has a WiFi access point for my phone , so do not eat all my data when browsing the Internet , the problem is that my phone can not pick hotspot , my Xbox , but my phone Wont . Does anyone have any idea what could be the problem ? thanks

  • 7My Samsung galaxy tab wont connect to my computer! help?

    I have a samsung galaxy tab and I'm trying to connect to my mac desktop it says connected on my galaxy tab but on Mac I can not show something that is not just my galaxy tab even my sister 's phone Samsung Galaxy S want to put my MOVIES MY GALAXY TAB ! HELP !

  • 8My samsung galaxy s3 wont connect to my laptop?

    Ok so when I plug the USB cable .. Autoplay appears but not reach

  • 9Samsung Galaxy S2 wont connect to Kies?

    I recently updated Samsung Kies and now whenever i plug my device into my computer Kies gives me the error: "This device is not supported by Kies 2.0. Make sure that your device is supported and try again". My phone is up to date and everything, it was working fine before i update the Kies software so I have no idea what to do. I've restarted my computer and everything.

  • 10App's wont properly download what can be wrong?

    So I have a samsung Epic android phone and all the app's I'm downloading are downloading but not showing up with the rest of my app's Ive tried shutting off my phone and also taking the battery out but the app's still do not show up on my wall.. What can be wrong??

  • 11Why wont WiFi tether for root users work?

    I rooted my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on 4.1.1 and download Jellybean

  • 12Samsung galaxy s2 wont let me download apps or music?

    my samsung galaxy wont let me download apps, music, games or anything. Market keeps saying unsuccessful and the usb wont connect. I really want music on my phone. How can i go about this?? Thanks.