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Does anybody know how much the samsung galaxy nexus will be in October 2012? related questions

  • 1Does anybody know how much the samsung galaxy nexus will be in October 2012?

    I just want to know what price (on pay monthly) will be for the nexus. When my contract runs out with the current phone im using (which runs out at the end of the year) I would like to get this phone. Thanks if anybody knows..

  • 2google cloud print works on nexus 7 2012 tablet but not on new zte Maven 2 smart phone

    Google cloud print works fine on nexus 7 (2012)....  Google cloud print however won't display blue print button on brand new ZTE Maven 2 smartphone.... 

  • 3So many new phones coming out in October?

    I have a old flip phone which i had for a while, and my contract with my service provider is done. New update on Apple's Iphone 4s predicted to come out in October.. but i am disappointed that the Iphone 5 isn't coming out until next year. I have been searching for a new phone and i know what your gonna say.. OH JUST ANOTHER FANBOY WANTING A NEW IPHONE. I KNOW DEEP INSIDE WE ARE ALL FAN BOYS IF WE COULD AFFORD IT. However.. i am open minded to other phones like droids, google, etc. So far the latest phones that caught my attention is the Nexus Prime, Droid Prime, Samsung Galaxy 2. So if you were to get a new phone what phone would you get?

  • 4Should i wait till october for a new phone or get an evo 4g or evo 3d?

    i know there are a bunch of new hones coming out in october. should i wait a litle longer or just get the evo 4g or evo 3d. if i get the evo 4g, can u tell me if its still a good phone to have?

  • 5What phone should I get 2012?

    I'm trying to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the iPhone 5 . All that matters is being able to access the Internet and the use of navigation .

  • 6Best smartphone of 2012?

    I think it's 1. Samsung Galaxy SIII 2. HTC One X 3. Samsung Galaxy Nexus What do you think?

  • 7What is the best sprint phone 2012.?

    Ok guys so I can update my phone , but do not know which phone to get it I would get either an iPhone or a Samsung galaxy s II or a blackberry .

  • 8What is the fastest phone processor? (2012)?

    htc one x has quadcore 1.5 ghz samsung galaxy s3 has quadcore 1.4 ghz but it seems that xperia s which has only dualcore 1.5ghz is faster.. someone told me that its not about the quantity of the cores. the speed of the phone relies on the processor itself.. can anyone give me more knowledge about the types of cores like snapdragon, exynos, tegra3.. i dont know which is the fastest of them... or can you recommend me a smartphone that is really fast? note: dont recommend me iphone 4s cause i dont want apple

  • 9Whats is the newest mytouch 2012?

    I wanted a new phone and a good one so if you can also add some great new phones please do:]

  • 10I can't open need for speed 2012 in Samsung galaxy s3?

    I can not open need for speed 2012 on Samsung galaxy s3 ?

  • 11Friends does Samsung Galaxy S2 Mini really gets released in the Month of December 2012?

    Or if not, I'll think about buying spices My -500 ( Stellar Horizon ) . That is expected to be released in late July 2012.

  • 12Music ID help! Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) 2012 Advert/Commercial Music?

    The guitar / song instrumental new ad Galaxy S3 is driving me crazy , any identification or information would be greatly appreciated! This is the ad / song in question : = bu6jlfOnb ...