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Google pulled the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play? related questions

  • 1Google pulled the Galaxy Nexus from Google Play?

    Google had to pull the Galaxy Nexus Google Play due to demand of Apples. What exactly does this mean ? Can the Galaxy Nexus still download apps from the store Play ? I have not a Nexus , but I 'm getting the Samsung Galaxy S3 in a couple of weeks . Apple also filed a preliminary injunction against S3 . What can happen ?

  • 2How to use Google Play?

    I just can't get it that how do I download apps to my PC or my android phone. Also, I've not been able to select my phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace by the way. Please explain the full procedure. I'll give 10 POINTS!

  • 3How do i get the google play app please?

    How I can get on my samsung galaxy s3 ? all I have in the Samsung Apps and I want Google Apps as there are a couple of things I want him not on samsung aps . desired applications can be downloaded from the website of my pc , but how to put them on your PC on your phone ? thank you

  • 4I cant acces google play store.?

    I have recently changed my router and I can't download from google play store with my android phones. It gets stuck at downloading. I have a Samsung galaxy mini and a HTC desire s. What should I do? I can't replace my router.. is it a firewall problem ? Please help!

  • 5Can i sync accounts on google play ?

    I have a Nexus 7 tablet and Samsung Galaxy s3 . I want to get some music on them , but I do not want to pay twice. I can buy in ? Then get on the other ? My nexus is signed at the top of the same account as my Google account to sync with phone . If I can , how? Thanks :)

  • 6Does the HTC Evo 3D use the Google Play Store or the Market?

    Im getting a new phone and want to know all about it!

  • 7Google Play on Samsung Galaxy S3?

    When I open the game google on my Samsung Galaxy S3 I have no screenshots of applications .

  • 8No Google Play for Samsung Galaxy S 4G?

    I can not update my Android Market to the new Google Play . I have a SGH - T959V (note the V ) , also known as 4G Samsung Galaxy S. Can anyone help me solve the problem ? Thanks?

  • 9Why doesn't my phone have google play?

    My phone still has the android market.its the first Samsung galaxy s for t-mobile

  • 10Help!? HTC EVO 3D Sprint. Cannot download anything on google play?

    Okay so I just got this phone. And I clicked on google play and I don't know how to accept the terms of service!!!! There no button!? So I just clicked the google play above it and it won't download any of the apps?? It says it's installed but there not on my phone! Please help

  • 11Google Play Store question?

    My phone is an AT

  • 12Does Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 google play?

    does Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 google play because i am trying to find a tablet with google play on it and it is pissing me off