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How do i hook my galaxy tab 2 to my wireless home network? related questions

  • 1How do i hook my galaxy tab 2 to my wireless home network?

    Bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and do not know how to hook it up to my wireless network at home

  • 2Can a Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 be used on Sprint network?

    Can a Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 is used on the Sprint network ?

  • 3Samsung Galaxy S3 Cannot Connect to Home WiFi (Network Disabled. Poor Connection)?

    I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S3 to T -Mobile yesterday, and I found my first problem . I try to connect to my home wireless connection , and the message

  • 4Do you need to hook up a iphone to your computer?

    I'm thinking of buying a phone , so I'm thinking of an iPhone 4 or a samsung galaxy s2 i hear the galaxy s2 is the best phone in the world so even I know that the iPhone 4 is older than I am still having Please note that not help know what to get please help I am looking since February now please PS the subject says something, I know not plug it into the computer or not, please tell me answer both the question of thanks

  • 5Samsung galaxy s2 hook up to TV?

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to connect a Samsung Galaxy to a TV , as the cables. I have an AV cable and when I use that cord , sound works , but no video. I have an iPod that I use to use to watch videos with the AV cable . I used it a month ago, before I moved and I had Direct TV . Now I have Comcast (not sure if this is why) but the sound is working, but no video . Help please!

  • 6Can I hook a Kindle Fire up to an iHome?

    Right now we use an iPod touch for the white noise app at night. We play it all night long on our iHome. I know that the Kindle Fire is able to download apps and the white noise is available---but I wanted to know if the Kindle Fire can be hooked up to an iHome or another device that will charge and play it all night? Thanks in advance!

  • 7Which is the mobile network for value such as free calls to same network?

    coulld you also tell me which is the best mobile phone is it a samsung galaxy ace or san franciso orange mobile?

  • 8Best wireless carrier?

    I have the HTC One S from T -Mobile and its horrible. I keep losing service. Should I change ? Verizon is better?

  • 9Question about H2O wireless?

    Hello Does anyone know if it will work on Samsung Galaxy S3 h2o ATT ? H2O works perfectly on my ATT iPhone 4s , but now I get s3 galaxy . So anyone can help me plz ? h2o work on att galaxy s3 ?

  • 10Should i get att wireless or sprint?

    which ever service you choose please choose the best phone that comes from that service?

  • 11ANYONE. Verizon Wireless help..?

    Okay, so I'm trying to get my dad to add a phone in his plan for me . I want the iPhone 4S . yeah i know why not 5 ? because it is too large and has many things wrong with it . I also refer to the Samsung Galaxy S3 . I need your help . 1. IPhone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S3 ? 2. how much money would add a line to Verizon family plan on 3. How much will the phone .. ? (optional )

  • 12Best Tab for home purpose in India?

    Can any one suggest me the Best Tab for home purpose in India which has GPRS and SIM facility