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QDifference between dual core and quad core processor?

Hello , I'm buying a phone and I compared both specification .

What I have not had is the difference between dual core and quad core .

As I said , the phones are the Sony Xperia S and Samsung Galaxy S3 , which will be released shortly.

Xperia S is used dual core Samsung Galaxy S3 quad-core is used .

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#1VolAnswered at 2013-01-02 15:58:03
Hey , More cores means more applications can run simultaneously and quad core optimized applications can use all cores at once to expedite implementation . More cores = best ( usually)
#2Brooke Answered at 2013-01-02 23:19:50
Hey there! Quad Core processors have more power than the core / dual core processors , thus making it faster and for more capable CPU (processor ) hungry applications / programs . A multi- core chip can execute multiple instructions simultaneously.
Dual Cores have two cores and four cores have four . All cores are on the same chip however. So, share the same memory , and the data path to the motherboard .
So a quad-core chip may be able to execute instructions four times faster , but that does not mean they can receive instructions from RAM four times faster . In addition , the faster the CPU is , the hotter it gets. The fact that the CPU is a quad core does not mean that is configured to run on the same GHz . Consider a manufacturer who wants to sell a 4- gigahertz chip , but the core is melting . You could sell a quad-core chip with each core set to 1 or 2 gigahertz and get better performance , but still be running much slower each core . Therefore, the chip no longer melts.
The software has to be rewritten to take full advantage of multi -core processors . The operating system can provide a small increase speed automatic , but will not see a 4-fold increase in performance just by switching to a quad core . Even if the software is rewritten may not be 2X , 4X or faster because now the program can have additional instructions added for the sake of finding out which center will have access to every part of the program . Hope that helps ! ~ Catscratch [ or George : p ]
#3rana shAnswered at 2013-01-03 03:51:38
It is the same thing as a dual -core processor / quad on a computer more cores faster =
#4helpless DadAnswered at 2013-03-10 11:00:00
Quad core can process more information at a time .. So you can open more programs or applications and still have your device smoothly career .
#5BachAnswered at 2013-04-03 08:32:59
Quad core uses 4 cores so that means it can process more data at once. While it is 2 times more potent than even more . As a quad-core technology is new , still some dual core processors can beat four cores , but Xperia S and Galaxy S3 case, the S3 beats Gaalxy Xperia by much.
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Difference between dual core and quad core processor?

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