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QWhats better a good phone or a tablet ?

What would you recommend to get a top of the range phone ( Sony xperia s , Samsung Galaxy S3 ) or get a good tablet ( Sony tablet s , galaxy tab 10.1 ) and a Sony Xperia U or P with him .
Please add any other recommendations for your phone or tablet for £ 500 - . budget £ 600
thanks in advance

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#1Punker Chick Answered at 2013-01-06 22:37:32
So you can not call or text people on a tablet which means that you can choose one as an alternative to a phone . Moreover top end phones do absolutely everything we can tablets and if you get something with a screen as big as the Galaxy Note tablet then almost . There is no real need to have a tablet , the only thing you're better at web browsing is due to the big screen , but if you have a laptop or desktop at home , so why do I need one ? The tablets are too big to carry with you all the time and not much good at home , so there is no reason to have one.
#2ReaganAnswered at 2013-01-25 00:42:28
A pill can not do all the things a smartphone can leave a phone can do everything a tablet can . A tablet is basically a smartphone with a higher resolution and larger screen and buttons . I suggest that a smart phone because it is a more efficient and get more use of it in a Tablet :) For a phone that suggest a Samsung Galaxy S III or X One of HTC , as they are the two best Android phones on the market . Hope that helps ^ ^
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Whats better a good phone or a tablet ?

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