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Whats better a good phone or a tablet ? related questions

  • 1Whats better a good phone or a tablet ?

    What would you recommend to get a top of the range phone ( Sony xperia s , Samsung Galaxy S3 ) or get a good tablet ( Sony tablet s , galaxy tab 10.1 ) and a Sony Xperia U or P with him . Please add any other recommendations for your phone or tablet for £ 500 - . budget £ 600 thanks in advance

  • 2Whats a good tablet that doesnt cost to much but has pretty good quality?

    I'm looking for a tablet that is to expensive as the iPad but that has better quality then a MID ePad.

  • 3Whats a good tablet for school?

    I'm going back to school full time and want to invest in a tablet, so I have to carry so many textbooks and even work on tasks in it . I was thinking of just going with a Nook Tablet because its so cheap and at first all I wanted was to use it for textbooks, but I realized if I was going to spend the money on something that I want the best and want get the most out of it . So you might want to paint or draw on it , perhaps, and the use of Facebook and golf games . So what should I look? Also I do not want to use 3G ( not sure if that would make a difference or not).

  • 4Whats a good tablet for me to use for school work?

    I especially would like to use for notes and it would be nice if it had wifi and could hold my books and stuff, any recommendations ? Also due to my lack of experience with these products can anyone tell me if they can hold office programs such as Open Office or Microsoft Office? oh yeah , and the price is a problem so do not recommend apple products are overpriced lol

  • 5Whats a good phone verizon sells?

    Im eligable for a new phone and wondered what verizon has thats good in a smartphone. I wont buy the apple phones so dont suggest those please. Was looking at the htc ryhme but due to reviews it looked bad. I need advice on a good phone. Please help!!!!!!

  • 6Whats a good android phone on sprint?

    I use best very loosely :p but anyways whats a good android phone out on sprint? I have an upgrade in 2 months and have been looking into the htc evo lte the samsung galaxy s3 and the LG optimus g. Im a developer on xda for the (almost) never dying OG HTC Evo 4G and cant wait for a dual core power horse :D I also started to develop 3D games and I need a good phone that will handle the software i throw at it

  • 7Whats a good Android tablet that is under $300 and has android 2.2 or higher?

    What is a good Android tablet that is less than $ 300 and has Android 2.2 or higher ?

  • 8Whats a good android phone for playing emulators?

    Dont suggest xperia play, i want a different android (thats good) for playing emulators like psx, gba etc and it has to be within a £140 budget. Any ideas

  • 9Whats good about unlocking phones?

    I have a SGH-A667 Samsung phone(samsung evergreen) whats the difference between an unlocked non-smartphones and locked ones? will the workers say anything if i go there to change my phone ?

  • 10Whats good about the new Samsung galaxy s2?

  • 11Whats a good app to edit pictures on android?

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 &iwanted to know some good apps to edit my pictures for things like instagram btw follow me on instagram @because_itschasity

  • 12Whats the best smartphone and why? also which good smartphones are coming out soon?

    I have to get a new phone . Title says it all . I'm looking for iPhone 5 at this time , nothing can beat that and why ?