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QHow to use Google Play?

I just can't get it that how do I download apps to my PC or my android phone. Also, I've not been able to select my phone. It's a Samsung Galaxy Ace by the way. Please explain the full procedure. I'll give 10 POINTS!

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#1Gary LeeAnswered at 2014-05-10 19:57:19
U must first sync ur Android device with ur google account. U might have done it when u started ur phone. Then u just go to google play, click on the app, click on install. Or
There are sites like 4shared.which provide u with Android apps. These apps have .apk as their extension. U just download it to ur PC, copy to ur mobile and run it. Just remember to check the option in settings> applications> allow apps from unknown sources
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How to use Google Play?

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