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Should I get my old ipod mini's battery replaced or get an ipod classic or an ipod touch? related questions

  • 1Should I get my old ipod mini's battery replaced or get an ipod classic or an ipod touch?

    It is 40 pounds for a battery for the mini, and will last a year, the classic is 160 but will last at least three years. The ipod touch is good cos it has internet and i could watch films, what should I get?

  • 2What should i get? A ipod touch 5g and iphone 5 or ipod touch 5g and samsung galaxy s3?

    I have an android for 2 years and I want to try an Apple product so that someone can help me choose !

  • 3What should i get? A ipod touch 5g and iphone 5 or ipod touch 5g and samsung galaxy s3?

    i cant choose , can someone help me !

  • 4Should I get the iPod Touch 5g?

    I really want the new 5g iPod Touch , but I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 . I would get the iPod touch to store all my music , contacts , applications , videos , pictures , and so on , and I only use my s3 g call and text . But I also take it that is a great phone , but really, really want this ipod . If I get it?

  • 5Ipod touch 6g?????????????????????

    Ohk well , I wondered about 6g . I know very well that no one knows, but when Apple announced it would launch ? This is because in my other question , I wondered between 5g ipod touch or samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1

  • 6Alternates To iPod Touch?

    I was thinking about getting the new iPod Touch Fifth Generation, though I was also looking at other alternatives to it. I looked at the Kindle Fire HD, and the Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I also know there is a Google Tablet, though I don't know much about that. I am not looking for a smart phone, but something like an iPod Touch or a tablet. Any insight on any of these products, and which are the best? Thanks!

  • 7Should I get the iPod Touch 5g or the iPhone 5?

    I have enough money to get the iPod . Is it worth it ? The difference between the iPod and the iPhone is the camera , the processor and the ability to make calls. I have an S3 and 4g iPod, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus and an iPad 3 . Is it worth it ? I'm thinking about getting the iPhone 5 and using it as an iPod . Let me know . Thanks :)

  • 8Which Should I Buy? Ipod Touch Or Iphone?

    I am looking for a device/gadget that will let me play songs (mp3) and videos (Atleast 720p videos)...and have a very good camera that will let me record HD videos (atleast 720p again).Please specify the megapixel if u should, and the amount to GB I should buy..and one question, out of the blue:will i be able to use itunes and download music for free?? thanks in advance...

  • 9IPad 2 or 3/HD vs iPod Touch 4G?

    Christmas is coming , and my iPod Touch broken, my mother was very nice to buy me an iPod Touch or an iPad 2 or 3/HD . Thanks to my new Droid Bionic , you really do not need the iPod Touch, but I can get apps that I can not come and I can save space on my phone . I would like iPad, but if I want to play a game during my first period ( Maestro allows us to use our phones and iPods when we're done ) , that means I have to take out that huge tablet to a simple game like CoD : Zombies . So what should I do ?

  • 10What is an app where I can change the tv channel via my iPod touch?

    It has to be free and requires no additional equipment . I want to make a joke to my dad to change channels while watching

  • 11Should I get an Ipod touch now or wait and get an iphone?

    I have really wanted one. My phone contract ends in August . So these are my options - Yahoo ! 1. ) Get an ipod touch now and get an HTC phone later (perhaps the rhyme or Rezound ) Two . ) Wait and get an Iphone afternoon I really want one now , but I kinda want Siri. All comments I have heard for the Iphone were either very good or very bad . So I'm not sure which phone to get.

  • 12Should I get an Iphone 4s or keep android and get ipod touch?

    I used to have an ipod touch a few years ago . I jailbroke and it worked great . Now I'm thinking of getting the iPhone 4S for Virgin Mobile , but I'm not sure where I should update . If you have an Apple product , I would be more likely to break jail . If not, I would get the Samsung Galaxy S2 . Should I get the iPhone 4S or keep my Android phone and get ipod touch? I mainly want to make the change because of the applications that are available . But I do not know if I will need consistent Internet connection or if it is better to have a constant Internet connection .