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QHave you ever had any problems with Verizon service?

I used to have an AT&T contract and my experience was horrible. I want a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a Verizon contract, although, ever since my experience with AT&T, I am not sure if I'll get another bad experience aswell. Has anybody had a problem with Verizon?


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#1BonnieAnswered at 2014-03-04 09:30:28
My parents and I had a terrible time with Verizon. They were ridiculous and charged for things that weren't even there. They called them and they wouldn't do a thing! We switched to AT&T and it's alot better
#2william clemonsAnswered at 2014-03-26 03:10:07
I'm not sure about the phone, considering its very popular i'd imagine you would like it. I love verizon, and the ONLY problem i've had with them are their LG phones. They are all terrible, never had a good one, mind you they send the same phone over and over. So as long as you get a good phone, you'll absolutely love the coverage, speed and service :)
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Have you ever had any problems with Verizon service?

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