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QHTC Evo 3D or Sensation?

I'm having trouble deciding if i want the HTC EVO 3D or Sensation.

Im looking for the internet to be fast &good reception

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#1Mary GraceAnswered at 2014-03-08 03:30:26
If you want faster internet speeds along with better reception, then the Sensation is the top pick. As phones themselves, they are pretty evenly matched, but the difference is that the 3D is on Sprint, and the Sensation is on T-Mobile. T-Mobile's speeds are miles faster than Sprint's and T-Mobile generally has better coverage than Sprint does. However, I think the Sensation has been recently discontinued by T-Mobile. If you can't get it, then go for the HTC Amaze. It's actually better than the Sensation and it's still in stock at T-Mobile.
#2ShantaAnswered at 2014-04-16 13:57:57
If your looking for fast and reliable internet, than just X the evo out of your list, the srnsation is much faster, better camera and all sprint phones automatically disconnect from their 4g connection as soon as you enter an building or if your driving. Sprint internet's blows.
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HTC Evo 3D or Sensation?

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