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Stuck on Dead Trigger (App)? related questions

  • 1Stuck on Dead Trigger (App)?

    I'm playing the Dead Trigger app (on a Droid Bionic), and I'm stuck on the level where you are supposed to investigate McGuffin's lab. The level is "Old College Try!" and I'm at rank 14. I get the papers and the ID card, and then up to there I get stuck. I've been all over the map and I still can't beat it. It's part of the main quest too, so I can't move on without beating the level. Any tips?

  • 2Help samsaung galazy gone dead?

    hey i have SAMSUNG galaxy mini the prob is when ever i use wifi on mah mob it batteries flies out like in 10 minutes is there any way to get rid of it and i have 2GB memory card on mah mob when ever i download sum apps mah mob gets super slow i just have 3 apps 1- mp3 down loader 2-lyrics 3-viber and all are on internal memory i meant phone memory do i change my memory card like should i buy for 4GB its been 5 MONTHS i have buyied my mobile its my birthday gift my parents give it to me u know how much it means to me SO THANKZ IN ADVANCE

  • 3My Samsung Galaxy S is dead?

    So after a mistake USB unplug while updating my phone ,it stopped working. Any ideas to FIX this? also I tried to do the recovery mode but it is not working either. (I AM BROKE)

  • 4How to find a dead phone?

    My friends lost and dead phones . Is there any way I can track it free ? I used the Life360 app . But I can not track a dead phone .

  • 5Would you still buy a samsung galaxy tab 10.1 knowing that adobe flash is dead?

  • 6I'm stuck I really need help!!?

    I really need help I do not know if I want the nexus evo 3D so what you think is best ( even though the Evo 3D is not out yet! )

  • 7Stuck on which phone I should get?

    I've been looking for a phone lately and I'm stuck between.. - Newer blackberry (I have one now and It's a pile of shyt but I have heard the newer ones are better) - iPhone 4 (Although I have an iPod Touch) - HTC Desire C - Samsung Galaxy Ace Please help!!!!

  • 8Help! Stuck in Boot Screen!?

    Well, I have a note N7000 Galaxy International series . I just upgraded to ICS again in two weeks . Everything was going well until ... I installed a software update (which was an official firmware ) on my phone. It read:

  • 9Nexus S stuck on Safe Mode?

    Hey Guys i have a nexus s for a while now and i have everything up to date yesterday around 3pm i ran out of batteries my sister got a new HTC one S and since my USB didn't work i used my sisters HTC one S USB cable then i let it charge on my computer for lik 30mins unopened because it charges faster .. i opened it and it was stuck on safe mode luckily i saw that the Go Launcher was gone but it still their as an app now 90% of the apps are stuck on Loading with the android bot and its stuck on safe mode i don't know if plugging a HTC usb cable caused it or whatever but i really need help this is annoying the hell out of me..... GIVE ME YOUR SUGGESTIONS I WILL REPLY IN THE MORE INFO SECTION

  • 10My Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 is stuck in a bootloop?

    This is a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT- P3113 . I tried to root and have done something wrong . Every time I try to boot , shows the Samsung logo and makes the startup sound . Then keeps repeating . Sometimes the audio appears. I tried factory reset already but still did not work . Any help ?

  • 11Samsung Galaxy Ace- SIM CARD STUCK?

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy Ace on contract. I put the sim in but pushed it in all the way! I CANT SEE IT AND CANT GET IT OUT... HELP!!!!

  • 12Sim card stuck in my (new) mobile phone.?

    I'm quite desperate now, I just got my new mobile phone (samsung galaxy ace) this morning and I tried to put my sim card in it, but I accidentally put the smallest card in it (instead of the slightly bigger card) I tried to get it out with a needle, but this doesn't seem to work. I ordered this phone through the internet, this 'provider' doesn't own a store or anything. (I all ready e-mailed them about my problem (because I'll probably need a new sim card, since I have a subscription on this one)) But is there anything I can do right now, without damaging my phone? thanks for your help!