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USB tethering app for android no root? related questions

  • 1USB tethering app for android no root?

    I made my PC so that I can boot win7 or win8 CP by partitioning, but my wireless card isnt supported on win8... is there an app thats non root that I can get so that I can borrow my phones 3G WITHOUT being charged? and if there isnt one without root, just tell me one for root, im planning on rooting soon anyways. btw, its an android htc evo 3d

  • 2How to get free tethering on HTC Rezound without root?

    I have an HTC Rezound unrooted , and I wanted to know how I can tie my ipad without root access and immobilization is Verizons connection so you will not find a surcharge . there's an app in the store market and barnacle wifi easy grip or strap that does this ?

  • 3Help with my Android phone? Tethering?

    I know almost nothing about mobile networks so help would be greatly appreciated. I was trying to enable my Samsung Galaxy Ace's mass storage capabilities when I accidentally enabled the mobile AP option in Settings>Wireless and Network Settings>Tethering and Portable Hotspots. Now I constantly have a notification saying I should configure my tethering options and it seems to be draining my batteries significantly. I try to switch this option off in the settings but it says "Turning On" for a second and then "Error" then nothing happens. I don't know what tethering is and I don't particularly care to know I just want it to stop draining my batteries.

  • 4What's the point of using Android tethering if does not have 3g?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7 - inch that has a mobile app tethering . I've managed to connect my laptop to it, but I had no Internet . Is it because it only has Wi - Fi and 3G does not ?

  • 5Free wifi tethering app on android?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s2 Epic Touch for Sprint and im looking for a totally free wifi tethering app for my phone. I need one that does not require any kind of rooting, and that is all free not just a trial or lite version. One that i can put a password in so i can controll who can connect to my wifi tethering. I dont want to pay Sprint for letting me use tethering so i want a cool app. If anyone can help i would appreciate it sooooooooo much :)

  • 6Troubles tethering android to Windows 7 desktop?

    I have the android Samsung Galaxy tablet from Verizon and I also have a desktop that doesn't have a wireless card. We currently have no internet other than the hotspot from the tablet and I need to use the desktop for school. My problem is that I enable tethering on the tablet, plug it in via USB, and nothing shows up on the computer. The directions seem pretty self explanatory on the tablet, just plug it in and go, and that Windows 7 didn't require and pre-installing anything but still nothing is showing up. I built the desktop but I'm still not too good with computers. Is there something else I have to do? Any help would be appreciated.

  • 7How do i root my android ?

    Can someone please give me a site or guide in order to eradicate a samsung galaxy S3 , android 4.0.4 ? Please tell me if it worked for you, thanks

  • 8How-To Easily Root Android?

    How-To Easily Root Android?

  • 9How to root an android phone?

    I have a Samsung Epic 4G that I am trying to tether to my computer so that I can use it for home internet access. However, everything I have read on the subject says that I must first root the phone. The tutorials I've tried haven't worked. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this?

  • 10How to root bbm from blackberry to android?

    Well , basically what I'm asking for is a way to put my BMM from my blackberry 8520 on my Samsung Galaxy S3 , I do not care to keep paying for BIS . All I want is to work . I ask all the ups and downs to be done and , above all, do not lecture me your elegal or something .

  • 11Should I activate my android phone before I root it?

    I just got my Samsung Galaxy S3 in the mail today . Now I want to start my phone . I wonder if I should activate it before the root . Can anyone tell me why should or should not ?

  • 12Any Android One Click Root Apps?

    Is there one click root apps that are compatible with the HTC Evo 3D ? Thank you !