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Help me with rooting my phone? related questions

  • 1What does rooting your phone do?

    I just got the Samsung Galaxy S3 and there is an application store game called Omega Files and requires a rooted phone . What does rooting your phone do? Can damage ? Is it worth it ? Please reply

  • 2Help me with rooting my phone?

    my phone model is samsung galaxy ace plus 7500T. i dont know how to root it since ive tried z4root. i was wondering if anyone had the same problem? and how would i root this phone?

  • 3Rooting My Android Phone.?

    Now ive seen so many videos for rooting android but i still don't understand what it will do. Whats the Point. Please list them so i can know. I also heard that ill lose my warranty..Can i buy a warranty after i root it ?BTW i have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

  • 4Does rooting slow down your android phone?

    I want to root my Samsung Galaxy S3 , but I worry that could slow the phone as when jailbroke my iPod touch (I was a little late when I go through the menu screen right after the jailbreak , not drastically slow but it bothers me ) . Do any of you rooted your device ? Do you have any problem with it ?

  • 5Phone problem i tried rooting my sprint Samsung galaxy s2 and messed up please help!?

    I messed up a step trying to root my phone and now its stuck on the loading screen with a yellow thing under it please help me on how to fix it thanks!

  • 6After rooting an android smart phone can i play those games which are not compatible.?

    I have Samsung Galaxy ace duos SCH- i589,If Android market says ACB game is not compatible to your phone so after rooting can I play that ABC game on my phone????????

  • 7I need help with rooting my htc evo 3d please?

    ok so I have a HTC evo 3d i just updated it. Hardware version: 0002 Software Version: 2.89.651.2 71 ORD Android Version: 4.0.3 HTC Sense Version: 3.6 i want to root it but i don't know to. i don't have any background knowledge of this at all. so if someone can help me root it. also please don't just put links that show directions. i need a explaination. so if you can explain each step, that would be great. thanks in advance!!! :)

  • 8Rooting samsung eic 4g?

    I have read articles and watched videos on how to root your phone and the pros and cons . I personally do not know anyone who has rooted his phone so I came to ask if anyone has rooted your Samsung Epic . Did everything go smoothly , how did you like the effect and I recommend ? Thank you for any comments .

  • 9What is rooting in android?

    How to rooting your android device b? and is it useful or not?

  • 10What are the benefits of rooting an evo 3d?

    What are the benefits of eliminating the evo 3d ?

  • 11What is the BEST ROM for my galaxy ace 2 GT i8160 for rooting?

    I have a samsung galaxy ace 2 GT I8160 and would like to eradicate it. I do not know much about it, but I have heard of mods as clockworldmod , CyanogenMod , etc . can you tell me which is better and why?

  • 12Rooting my samsung galaxy ace?

    I've watched a lot videos on it, but i don't understand what rooting will do, is it like jailbreaking? Will apps be free? Is it dangerous, could I damage my phone if I'm not careful? Is it hard to do?