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Best e reader in which e books downloaded? related questions

  • 1Best e reader in which e books downloaded?

  • 2Can I get free books on the nookcolor or not?

    How do I get over there a tab on the corner that has all the free books ?

  • 3Which Tablet is the best for Reading Books Electroniclly?

    I was wondering what tablets are good for reading e-books and other electronic media. I have no preference to the operating system. I would like the screen size to be over 9 inches and it has to have at least a SD card slot and Wifi. I know their are several models that are out their like the Ipad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy tab, and the upcoming Toshiba Thrive tablet. Does anybody have any recommendations based off experience and reliable knowledge? Thanks.

  • 4What is better to use for an E-reader?

    I am looking at getting an E-reader/tablet for myself (i am getting tired of packing all of my paperback books around) i am looking at the Kindle Fire and at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0. I know that the Galaxy is not an "E-reader", but with the Kindle app i thought that it might be a better deal. What do you guys think? What is a better device?

  • 5What tablet or e-reader or netbook should I buy?

    I am currently lugging around a huge 14"x10" laptop to work and class and the coffee shop in order to do simple tasks and it's just not making sense anymore. I recently received a $100 gift card to Amazon, which I would like to spend on an e-reader or tablet computer. My total budget, including the gift card, is $200-$400. The cheaper, the better but I can't go over $400 (that means the iPad is out and buying anywhere other than Amazon is not an option). Originally, I thought I wanted the $139 Kindle, but now I'm not sure. I intend to use this device primarily to read textbooks and novels, but I also want to be able to do things that people with smartphones can do (like check email, mobile bank, etc.) if at all possible. The more downloadable applications or web-based features, the better. These are the "must have" criteria: *Brand new (not used, not refurbished unless backed by a very, very comprehensive 1-year warranty) *Ability to easily connect to the internet via Wi-Fi *Long battery life (In 3 months time, I don't want find that I now have to charge it every 2 hours) *Ability to read e-books purchased from *Ability to easily transfer files/data from device to PC and from PC to device These are the things I really want: *User-friendly, not difficult for someone with no tablet experience to pick up *Sturdy, not easily breakable with normal "wear and tear" (I heard one person describe an android tablet as made of "very bendable plastic" - that's no good for me) *Reliable operating system that doesn't crash or freeze frequently *Ability to type notes and/or to read imported PDF and/or word-processing files *Slots for memory cards to add storage space These are the things I don't need at all: *The latest model of any device *3G or 4G download speeds *Stylus-free touch pad (would be nice, but I need to say under budget) *External keyboard *Games I know that what I can get at this price is going to be limited, but there should be something out there that meets these criteria. I have looked all over the internet and there are just too many reviews and too many products for me to know what's what with any particular device. I am hoping you can recommend to me a device and/or a reputable review website run by a professional that might be able to answer my question. I can't exactly walk into the Amazon store and ask, and I don't want to waste someone's time in a computer electronics store when they could be earning commission from an actual customer. Thanks in advance for your input.

  • 6Ebook reader for android?

    I have a samsung galaxy ace (android). I have numerous .lrf, .txt, .doc and .pdf books which I want to read on my phone but the couple readers ive tried just say ''unsupported'' when I try to read them and the other readers I've found don't seem like theyd be any better. I normally read the lrf files in particular in a program called ebook library for pc if it helps.does anyone know any free android apps, even if I need more than one, that would read them all and where to download?

  • 7What Ebook reader app for Android is the best (for me) ?

    First, I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a large 4.8-inch screen . I want an app for eBooks. I tried Amazon , but it is difficult to change the font size in the non - amazon books . I want to read

  • 8So I downloaded exp games but how do I use it?

    I recently joined to Game of Dice event and got this code. I dont know where to use thm!

  • 9What E reader is better to read when in the sun the Nook or Kindle?

    Which has more free books . What are these things in Lend Me Nook. How many books I can store in each. Other useful information want to buy an electronic book reader .

  • 10Is the Samsung Galaxy Tab a good eBook Reader?

    Is it as good as Amazon Kindle? I mean, does it cause eye strain and can it be read in bright sunlight without the glare?

  • 11I downloaded a movie on my phone but it won't play?

    I have a Samsung galaxy ace 2.3.6. I downloaded the movie using atorrent. I have realplayer on my phone as well. But when I try to watch it either using that or the gallery, it doesn't work.

  • 12How do i use a downloaded ringtone on my Samsung Epic?

    I downloaded a ringtone, its saved in my downloads folder. How do I set it as my ringtone?