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Do I need internet for already downloaded apps on my android? related questions

  • 1Do I need internet for already downloaded apps on my android?

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Google) and I have network but it isn't unlimited. And I've installed some apps and games from Android Store but I wanna know if they need internet to work. I mean I don't have much internet left. Please help me~~~ ^^"

  • 2Why won't the internet work with any android apps?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace 2, and the internet was working perfectly yesterday, however today I took the battery out, then once it was back in and I turned my phone on, the internet wouldn't work with any of my apps, yet I can still access the internet on my phone if I just use the basic internet app, how do I fix this?

  • 3Whats the better tablet for movies internet music and apps ipad2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1 with android?

    I don't like lag and I want the best tab I can get I need an unbias opinion on what's better for my books apps internet (facebook, email, netflix movies etc. Thanks

  • 4I have Samsung Galaxy 5 android 2.1 mobile .Opera is downloaded but does not get installed. What's the proble ?

  • 5How to download apps into htc without internet?

    so, i dont have internet on my phone, only wifi, but i cant figure out how to download apps onto my phone. i have a htc one s by the way. any help would be gladly appreciated! thanks!

  • 6Can you turn off 3g internet on an android phone to where internet is only accessed via wifi?

    Hey I have a Samsung Galaxy S2, I have wifi at home and a data plan witch only lets me access 200 MB of data. My phone is connected to my wifi and it works great but I turned off my wifi and accessed the internet while I was sleeping (I used my Pandora app) and I used up my entire data plan and now I am being billed an extra 15 dallors. Is there any app that will allow me to turn the mobile network off so that I can only use the internet via wifi?

  • 7Is it just me or Apple apps are generally better than Android apps?

    I've had an iPhone for several years , then recently upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S3 last week. I realize that some of the Android apps are not as good as Apple applications . For example , Yelp does not display feeds in reviewing other Android Yelpers . Another is Facebook . Apple Facebook gives you the option to view latest news or the latest , while Android does not have this feature. Applications for Apple , IMO , a more professional Android applications . Those who have experienced both Apple and Android , thoughts and views? I love my Samsung Galaxy S3 , but sometimes I miss my iPhone .


    (i just bought an android last month so im still learning about it...) Hey Guys i found this site called 4shared (some of you might have heard of it) basically it lets you get paid android apps for example would be cut the rope or doodle jump...i have dr. web antivirus (FREE VERSION) on my phone (Galaxy Nexus) and i wasn't sure if i should download these apps that are free mainly for 3 reasons... 1. im afraid that even though i have anti-virus software that it wont pick it up (if there is a virus) because its not a market app 2. im not sure if the is illegal or not and the monst important reason is 3. IM NOT SURE IF DOWNLOADING THESE NON MARKET APPS WILL VOID MY WARRANTY WITH TELUS!...(like apple does with the iphone, where if you jailbreak it they dont have to fix it....and yada yada it voids your warranty...) CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH MY QUESTIONS Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (TELUS) OS: Icecream Sandwich

  • 9I can't download any android apps or games from the android marketplace.?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Portal on 3 network. Every time I try to download an app or game it says 'your item will be downloaded' and then I get the error 'Download was unsuccessful, please try again.' I try again and keep getting the same message. Ive tried answers to the problem i have found on the internet such as clearing the cache for the market app, removing updates from it and nothing has worked.

  • 10I can't download any android apps or games from the android marketplace.?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Portal on 3 network. Every time I try to download an app or game that says ' your item will be downloaded "then I get the error " Download was unsuccessful , please try again. ' I try again and keep getting the same message. 've Tried answers to the problem that I found online , such as clearing the cache of the market app , removing the updates of it and nothing has worked.

  • 11Can I transfer apps from one android to another?

    I have a Samsung galaxy s , and have a lot of apps I've paid for it and some with high levels and I just brought galaxy s3 and I will not move applications to s3 how I can do ? cheers

  • 12What are the best apps to get on an Android phone?

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 If there is any difference between the phones ) . Anything in general, I guess. Also I have a younger sister of 8 years who always play games on my phone , but she is tired of Fruit Ninja and Temple Run lol