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Microsoft Surface Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab 2? related questions

  • 1Microsoft Surface Tablet or Samsung Galaxy Note/Tab 2?

    I need a little help choosing with tablet is best for a 16 year old boy. If you could give me pros/cons of each one that would be great.

  • 2Galaxy tablet vs Microsoft surface?

    Which is the newest Samsung tablet Theres so I don't no which One is the newest, also which is better that new one or the Microsoft surface, it's for a Christmas present, I don't want an iPad as i have an iPhone and I don't see the point! Can someone help!!!

  • 3Are you getting the Microsoft Surface?

    Hi! Im just wondering if anyone else was getting the Microsoft Surface like me! At first I was getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 but this one looks MUCH better. Does anyone know the price for it? Also was I making a good decision ny choosing the Surface over the Galaxy Tab? And will there be good apps on The Surface? Like YouTube,FaceBook,etc

  • 4Mircrosoft Surface Tablet RT Vs. Apple iPad 4?

    I'm deciding on a tablet to buy in the next month . I am doing research and can not reach a decision . I am an insurance agent and a student , so I need something that will satisfy my needs for productivity . I have a Dell laptop for work and an iPhone . So you should buy ? ? ? Thank you !

  • 5Microsoft office on tablet?

    What I can download applications for Microsoft Office on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet?

  • 6Planning to buy galaxy note 8.0 and new to tablet, note..Questions relating to tablet over phone?

    I am planning to buy Samsung Galaxy note 8.0 instead of a mobile phone. I am new to the world of tablet. Not used 1. My question is: 1. Can I use SGN 8.0 as my phone (making calls, SMS, MMS, missed call). (I dont mind about the size) 2. Can I use 2G internet service (GPRS) or should go only for wifi (cant use on travelling) or 3g (which is costlier) as I use on my mobile phone. or Can I use Tata Photon Data Card to connect internet. 3. Is GPS (telling u where u r) available in SGN 8.0. 4. Can I use my 1TB External Hard Disk on my Galaxy Note using OTG cable or should I go for Seagate Satellite HD. Does Seagate Satellite HD works on SGN 8.0. 5. Is Blutooth facility available? 6. Can I used all d Android softwares that I used on my mbl or the softwares are restricted. Pls Help I am new to tablet n planning to buy Galaxy Note 8.0. Or should I wait n go for Galaxy S4 mini. By d way i live in India

  • 7How can I remove light surface scratches from my cell phone?

    I have Verizon Wireless Samsung Galaxy S3 , and unfortunately I have very very light scratches on the screen . I've never dropped my phone in his face so I have no idea as well as how the scratches got there. Regardless of how they got there are now . It is assumed that my phone has Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which is supposed to be more difficult than the last . So , does anyone have any idea how to remove them?

  • 8Microsoft Excel Training

    Which one is best Microsoft Excel Training Courses?

  • 9What is the equivalent of microsoft word for samsung galaxy tab 2?

    I am looking to get a samsung galaxy tab 2 for christmas but need to access my word documents so wanted to know the equivalent. Thanks :)

  • 10Is there a microsoft word 2010 app for the samsung galaxy tab 10.1? Thanks.?

    If not really my decision much easier to buy the record .

  • 11Is there any application like microsoft office word for android?

    Im using samsung galaxy s3 mini. I want application that functions exactly same like microsoft office word so that i can do my task anytime and anywhere.

  • 12Can I install Microsoft windows on Samsung galaxy tab 10.1?