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Samsung Galaxy s3 speaking problem.? related questions

  • 1Samsung Galaxy s3 speaking problem.?

    The problem has to do with my mobile samsung Galaxy S3 . when I lay on my phone , have problems, but when I get up then fine . can anyone help me solve this problem ? Sorry for bad English .

  • 2Can someone help with my htc problem?

    So I have a evo 3d I just ask my insurance company. The power button on the right corner cell is hard to push and is very annoying. Also powers on-screen and off by itself as it is restarting and in my notification bar that says a reboot goes under abnormal and this happens about every 5 minutes. I just got this dumb phone yesterday! Some please help !

  • 3WiFi Problem, Any Help Please?

    My current Linksys router is not allowing new devices to connect to a WiFi network . Although they allow phones and laptops that connect to it in the previous connection . I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 and was trying to connect to my home WiFi but will not let me , said

  • 4Galaxy S1 problem with 3G?

    When i used to turn on my galaxy S1 it would always ask to enable or disable 3G. Then after i said yes then i could make calls and recieve cals and all that. Today though it stopped asking me to enable or disable so now it wont connect to my mobible network. I go into settings and try to enable it manually but it doesnt connect unless that question to enable/disable pop up. can anyone help please.


    I wondered if TrapCall works with Sprint ? And there are specific phone that only works in ? My boyfriend is trying to get you on your HTC EVO 3D but no luck ... It has also tried to get his pin as to your number , but you will not get anything ! . There is a number you can call to solve this problem. Serious questions only!

  • 6Help android 4.1.2 problem?

    when I move some of the applications installed on the new folder remains inside , but after restarting my phone that is dispersed as before ...... plz help my fone is samsung galaxy s2 gt- i9100 .. jellybean

  • 7Any problem in xperia u p and s?


  • 8Galaxy s3 rom problem ..?

    hi guys .. i just install the paranoid rom on my galaxy s3 and after this its work fine but ...... i see the nexus black buttons on bottom of my galaxy ,, how to remove it plz

  • 9Problem with my phone...?

    I have an HTC EVO 3D. It just started happening a few days ago- if I am doing something on my phone, it will randomly start clicking stuff, calling people, etc. If I lock it then unlock it again I can continue doing whatever I am doing for a moment or so, and then it starts all over again. I have restarted it and it works for about 5-10 minutes. I have a screen protector, and thought maybe it was dirty or something but it doesn't click in a single area, it is wherever it wants. Could this be a virus? Or maybe the phone is faulty? Any thoughts, ideas or experience?

  • 10What is the problem in my phone HTC One S?

    Hi everyone I bought HTC One S a few days ago, but I think that battery is not that good, when I charge it to full it says that I got 3 hours only, why that for? Does HTC wedgits affect on battery life?! and how I could close previous Apps to save more battery and if you got any other advice please tell it to me Thanks!

  • 11Browser problem. Need help please.?

    I have a samsung galaxy tab gtp1000 . There is a problem with the default android browser . whenever there is a registry problem or signature on it page.there opens a blank white screen.when choose the alternative option to log in facebook no problem . I tried deleting cookies , cache and history, but no help. I do not want to restore the default settings for the browser , as it eliminated my favorites. Any advice or solution perhaps? . Need serious help .

  • 12Evo 3d screen problem?

    I need help! All of a sudden my EVO 3ds screen kinda turned reddish like if it were tinted but there's a bit darker red rectangle in the center on the screen.. can anyone help me figure out why it did this?? I've googled it. And I wasn't able to find anything.. please help me out:) could this have something to do with a time I dropped it back in easter n it got a little black spot in the corner of the screen?? (no cracks)