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Samsung Galaxy s3 speaking problem.? related questions

  • 1Samsung Galaxy s3 speaking problem.?

    The problem has to do with my mobile samsung Galaxy S3 . when I lay on my phone , have problems, but when I get up then fine . can anyone help me solve this problem ? Sorry for bad English .

  • 2Can someone help with my htc problem?

    So I have a evo 3d I just ask my insurance company. The power button on the right corner cell is hard to push and is very annoying. Also powers on-screen and off by itself as it is restarting and in my notification bar that says a reboot goes under abnormal and this happens about every 5 minutes. I just got this dumb phone yesterday! Some please help !

  • 3Evo 3d screen problem?

    I need help! All of a sudden my EVO 3ds screen kinda turned reddish like if it were tinted but there's a bit darker red rectangle in the center on the screen.. can anyone help me figure out why it did this?? I've googled it. And I wasn't able to find anything.. please help me out:) could this have something to do with a time I dropped it back in easter n it got a little black spot in the corner of the screen?? (no cracks)

  • 4Help android 4.1.2 problem?

    when I move some of the applications installed on the new folder remains inside , but after restarting my phone that is dispersed as before ...... plz help my fone is samsung galaxy s2 gt- i9100 .. jellybean

  • 5WiFi Problem, Any Help Please?

    My current Linksys router is not allowing new devices to connect to a WiFi network . Although they allow phones and laptops that connect to it in the previous connection . I recently purchased the Samsung Galaxy S3 and was trying to connect to my home WiFi but will not let me , said

  • 6Galaxy s3 rom problem ..?

    hi guys .. i just install the paranoid rom on my galaxy s3 and after this its work fine but ...... i see the nexus black buttons on bottom of my galaxy ,, how to remove it plz

  • 7Problem with my phone...?

    I have an HTC EVO 3D. It just started happening a few days ago- if I am doing something on my phone, it will randomly start clicking stuff, calling people, etc. If I lock it then unlock it again I can continue doing whatever I am doing for a moment or so, and then it starts all over again. I have restarted it and it works for about 5-10 minutes. I have a screen protector, and thought maybe it was dirty or something but it doesn't click in a single area, it is wherever it wants. Could this be a virus? Or maybe the phone is faulty? Any thoughts, ideas or experience?


    I wondered if TrapCall works with Sprint ? And there are specific phone that only works in ? My boyfriend is trying to get you on your HTC EVO 3D but no luck ... It has also tried to get his pin as to your number , but you will not get anything ! . There is a number you can call to solve this problem. Serious questions only!

  • 9Galaxy S1 problem with 3G?

    When i used to turn on my galaxy S1 it would always ask to enable or disable 3G. Then after i said yes then i could make calls and recieve cals and all that. Today though it stopped asking me to enable or disable so now it wont connect to my mobible network. I go into settings and try to enable it manually but it doesnt connect unless that question to enable/disable pop up. can anyone help please.

  • 10Any problem in xperia u p and s?


  • 11What is the problem in my phone HTC One S?

    Hi everyone I bought HTC One S a few days ago, but I think that battery is not that good, when I charge it to full it says that I got 3 hours only, why that for? Does HTC wedgits affect on battery life?! and how I could close previous Apps to save more battery and if you got any other advice please tell it to me Thanks!

  • 12Having problem with my galaxy s2?

    hi i resently(6 months back) bought a new samsung galaxy s2. it was fine till today morning but today after disconnected my charger it started to show that USB connected and MTP initialized. later i switch offed the mobile. then it started showing that it is charging(the charging symbol even without connecting the charger or USB). and after some more time it was showing that the battery is over heated(that too as a symbol) now my mobile is not getting started..... what should i do???? someone please help me.