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How to root HTZ rezound? related questions

  • 1How to root HTZ rezound?

    I have been working on this for a while. I have an HTC Rezound and I am finding it hard to root it. I have the most recent update for the Rezound and I am running Windows 7. I have tried everything to get this to work. I am trying to use the zurg rush root. I download the driver file for the phone and have it unlocked, but when I use the ZergRushTempRoot.bat, I get a error "unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory" And read only file system errors. I have been unable to find a solution that made any sense. Any help here would be really appreciated.

  • 2How to freeze apps on htc rezound without root?

    I have a htc rezound unrooted. And I really want to get my titanium backup pro to freeze some apps but I need to be rooted. Is there another app or something that I could get that allows me to freeze apps?

  • 3How to get free tethering on HTC Rezound without root?

    I have an HTC Rezound unrooted , and I wanted to know how I can tie my ipad without root access and immobilization is Verizons connection so you will not find a surcharge . there's an app in the store market and barnacle wifi easy grip or strap that does this ?

  • 4Is there any way to remove pre-loaded apps from an HTC Rezound without root?

    I never use them and I would rather just get rid of them without having to root my phone! (i dont want to void my contract)

  • 5How to root htc evo 3d? am having htc evo 3d handheld. want to root it. how to?

    How to eradicate htc evo 3d ? I am having the HTC EVO 3D handheld. wants to eradicate . how ?

  • 6How do you root htc one s?

    How do you root htc one s ?

  • 7My htc rezound needs help!!!!?

    Well I have it for not even a year. my first phone was a Thunderbolt, then I got another thunderbolt replacement, and another, then they sent me a HTC rebound, and then they sent me this one. Recently the battery has been dying fast, and when my phone is plugged in, sometimes it drains the battery? Do you think I can get another replacement?

  • 8Should i root my htc evo 3d?

    pls help , if I decide to hct evo 3d root , how to root ?

  • 9How to root any?

    How to root any?

  • 10How to root??

    How to root??

  • 11Htc rezound screwdriver?

    i cracked my screen already, got a new one, but htc rezound has a wierd screw, does anyone know what kind of screw driver i need?

  • 12Iphone 4s Vs HTC Rezound?