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QWhat smart phone works? I mean really works?

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note .

It is quite unreliable. He lost his marbles unless you restart every day . Most of my friend 's yours took back or lay down on the

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#1Sniper619Answered at 2013-02-09 04:56:45
Hey , I know you have all the fun new toys , and I know a smartphone Io to be a fool . The kind I have seen advertised a lot lately is the Samsung Galaxy SIII , I do not know if that's the one you have, though. If so , you must tell us , so we do not feel
#2AdrianAnswered at 2013-02-20 17:19:39
If you want the phone that does everything I ask very simple and has some problems , lumia 920 is for you . This is a Windows Phone 8, which will be released Nov. 2 and has better features than the iPhone 5 and s3 . This has the key features of the best maps , wireless charging , many of the same features as Windows 8 , NFC , and the best camera phone available . It does however lack bells and whistles in its user interface ( for better or worse ) . If you want a phone that is based on Linux and works similar to your old phone , get the s3 galaxies . Android is expanding rapidly (especially Samsung ) and may soon surpass the App Store in total applications . IT 'S specifications are on par with the other devices. NFC features , widgets on the home screen , which is very customizable , standard cables , Swype keyboard , interesting options for sharing , and proven success to be available for a few months that I lived very good reviews . If you want the higher processing speeds ( A6 chips flew s3 in the opening benchmarks ) and more compact size to fit in by hand , make the iPhone 5 . It's the only phone that places values ​​in the desire for a solid front camera . It has the largest app store , and Apple applications still have the highest
#3AlleAnswered at 2013-02-23 00:26:37
Test Note 2 for better speed and performance for work . Or iPhone 5 for work too. Note, yes, sometimes it seems a bit stupid . Or, find custom ROM for it.
#4Too realistic Answered at 2013-02-26 01:30:49
Well , I know you just had a bad experience with your note , but the note had a snapdragon s3 pdocessor who was famous for delays and
#5hlpAnswered at 2013-03-12 13:02:30
Since the tips of the new phone is pretty solid , probably will not add anything to them , but I also like to point out another angle : You can embed your note and install CM9 or CM10 , which is pretty solid. In addition , the inner workings of rooting Android opens , so you can screw with it to your liking ( Android is based on Linux , so it is not completely jump in the deep end ) .
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What smart phone works? I mean really works?

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