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What smart phone works? I mean really works? related questions

  • 1What smart phone works? I mean really works?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note . It is quite unreliable. He lost his marbles unless you restart every day . Most of my friend 's yours took back or lay down on the

  • 2google cloud print works on nexus 7 2012 tablet but not on new zte Maven 2 smart phone

    Google cloud print works fine on nexus 7 (2012)....  Google cloud print however won't display blue print button on brand new ZTE Maven 2 smartphone.... 

  • 3Whats the best unlocked phone thst works for at&t sim?

    Im going to buy a phone on amazon and i want a good android unlocked phone with dual core. It has to be no more that $350.00. I was thinking of getting the Samsung Galaxy s Advance. Is this a good phone? What about the Sony Xperia P or U? Are there any other good unlocked smartphones with a reasonable price range?

  • 4My phone screen just cracked, but the touch portion still works. Can I get rid of the fine pieces that stick?

  • 5Is this how Best Buy Mobile works?

    I have a Pantech lame , and want to upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S3 . And is listed at $ 199.99, but listed at $ 149.99 on att . So I will be able to update my phone ( I have to pay to upgrade , becuase i would pay to terminate my contract to upgrade ) at Best Buy and stuff instead of going to an AT & T store ?

  • 6Can Someone explain to me how netflix works?

    Well I 'm waiting on my new debit card so you can subscribe to Netflix . I have a Samsung HDTV ( Netflix is available in it and in my samsung blue ray player) , I have a samsung galaxy s and I can install an application from Netflix , and a labtop computer , but my question is how I can watch a movie at once or do I have to wait for it to load , which is a queue , and what is the limit of devices? i only going to use for my computer , television and telephone. Netflix is new to me :)

  • 7My droid bionics 3G only works about 1/4 of the time?

    i got the phone exactly two weeks ago and my phones internet rarely works! im prepared to return it if this keeps up

  • 8Is there anything like the iPad, like another tablet computer (that actually works)?

    I 'm not the biggest Apple fanboy , and I see the iPad as basically a giant iPod Touch / iPhone . I know , it is not entirely accurate , but I do not want to pay that much money for a bigger toy . Be HP was the creation of the board ( still ongoing last I heard ) , Microsoft began Courier ( hella cool , but deep - sixed ) , and there is some crap out there that is sold as 400 units . They are not what I hear. Thank you ! = )

  • 9Does the OTG cable works on other Samsung phones?

    I know who works at S2 or S3 and some tablets too. But I want to get one for my galaxy ace plus. Is it compatible with it?

  • 10Does the S Note app works on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (WiFi+3G)?

    Im thinking of buying either Tab 2 or that new iPad Mini, but im trying to figure out if the S Note app like the one on the Galaxy Note 2 works on the Galaxy Tab 2 7"? Im asking this because im trying to cover the basis of why im buying one! Its for my e-books, i like to take down notes all the time and music/video is also important as well...

  • 11Dropped phone in toilet! its in rice, but how long till it works, or till i can charge it up?

    Yes , yesterday morning I did the classic " bought a new samsung galaxy ace two weeks and dropped it in the toilet" trick. NOT happy. Etc. So I took the battery immediately , dried as best he could , and sat down on a towel , then vacuum for a while, then put it in a bowl of rice with plastic wrap over it and put it in the light of sol . last night I would change, but freezes on the welcome screen . Last night I got a bag of silica gel in the container too, and left it on the radiator (which only happens a couple of hours at night) to see if that helps. this morning, I turned it on, and continued without any problem , I got into all the menus , etc, was so excited , so I took the battery back and put in my SIM card and SD card to test applications and call / texting , etc, changed again and froze on the welcome screen again! ! Needless to say I was gutted , so returning in the rice bowl / gel in the sun again . I want to ask , is there still a good chance it will work ? and when it is safe to connect to the PC / charger again, I'm worried about losing my data to really want to get the data off the phone , especially my calendar and everything is there and iv no idea what the I have things to do and when? (I know I should not trust my phone contacts only) iv read a lot on the net about this, but there are so many conflicting opinions . thanks in advance!

  • 12Did it works when give software update for samsung galaxy y duos?

    He did when working give software update for Samsung Galaxy Y Duos ?