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I downloaded a movie on my phone but it won't play? related questions

  • 1I downloaded a movie on my phone but it won't play?

    I have a Samsung galaxy ace 2.3.6. I downloaded the movie using atorrent. I have realplayer on my phone as well. But when I try to watch it either using that or the gallery, it doesn't work.

  • 2Why won't my phone play downloaded videos?

    Hiya well ive just recently got the Samsung Galaxy Ace and any time i download a video, when i go to watch it it says "video could not be played'. I am able to watch recorded videos but any time i go to watch a downloaded one this happens. How can i fix this?

  • 3Why Wont Windows Movie Maker Let Me Upload The Files?

    OK, i uploaded videos from a Samsung galaxy mini onto my windows computer,(i put them into a created file) I then went onto windows movie maker clicked add clip when i clicked the file that the videos were in nothing showed up!!!, i have downloaded lots of the file converters like people said but avi or wmf or whatever didn't work can somebody please help me PLEASE !!!!!!!!!! any answer is appreciated Thank you :)

  • 4Samsung galaxy prevail wont play videos?

    I have a samsung galaxy prevail and it has just recently stoped playing videos from the web, it will load the video halfway and play it only to stop partway through and say video cant be played I have cleared my internet history, passwords, cookies and everything and shut my phone off but it still wont work Idk what happend can anyone help?

  • 5Samsung galaxy ace wont play games like nova, modern combat?

    Samsung Galaxy Ace wont play games like nova , modern combat ?

  • 6My phone wont download from some sources and wont connect to wifi?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , is fairly new and worked well until recently . Suddenly , one day stops connecting to a WiFi network . The wifi just booted my phone and now even the wifi signal is collected unless it is within a meter of the box. Since then I have also been able to download from the mobile data or Internet game store ? ? Help ? :. ? " ( Everyone else in the house can still use the wifi fine and I 'm running up quite a bill with my internet phone for everything that I would normally use for my phone wifi Do malfunctioning or am I? ?

  • 7Which android phone can play all the games on the play store?

    I mean you want to play all games in the Android Market should be able to play all the games developer gameloft upper and lower my budget is Rs.35000 plz help me I want to play all games smoothly and without problems is not witg so plz help me plz

  • 8I want to use my phone for posh style statement, heavy calling, clear movie watching and taking casual photos.?

    my budget is in the medium range. in that case is Samsung Wave 3 a better choice than Galaxy Ace? as Wave 3 has a bigger screen, more stylish and i do not need extra useless apps. pls give opinions.

  • 9why an app is not getting downloaded though space is available both in phone memory and SD card

    My HTC T mobile 3G phone is having space both on phone memory and SD card I am unable to install one app DC with remark Unable to download on USB/SD card. How to rectify and install the app? [email protected]

  • 10Can i get windows movie maker on my droid?

    Its a tablet. Samsung galaxy tab2 10.1 Can i get it for free and if so how?

  • 11Name a really good movie maker app for my samsung galaxy s3?

    Ok so yesterday was my brothers birthday . He had his party at a skating rink . I have great pictures and incredible material , but the problem is I have pictures soo much I was looking to combine them into a great movie . I have this vision in my head that I want to cut shorter clips and put them together with nice transitions , perhaps an option for a small clip in slow motion , and all that with my choice of soundtrack to go about it ( with the orignal audio is muted ) I also wanted the option to pause the soundtrack at times and allowed to reproduce the original sound and then cut back on the soundtrack to the original audio muted again ( if sense ) know that's probably a lot for a phone , but I just felt I ask does anyone kno an application that can do this ?

  • 12Watch iTunes Movie on Kindle Fire

    I owned a Kindle Fire for many years. And recently, I want to transfer some movies to it but some files can't be played on Kindle Fire. I don't know why? All the movies files are purchased from iTunes store. Is there any problem with my Kindle Fire? Or any advice?