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Is it possible to repair a scratch on samsung galaxy s2? related questions

  • 1Is it possible to repair a scratch on samsung galaxy s2?

    My Gs2 has quite a deep scratch its about 3mm and I can feel it with my nail. The scratch makes a rainbow colour effect and is ruining the georgeous display is it posible if I get a scratch remover to do the job? Will it ruin the oleophobic coating if so can I get more oleophobic coating and apply it afterwards? Thanks in advance

  • 2I just got the samsung galaxy s3 and theres a scratch on the screen should i get a new one?

    I have a warranty Zero is about an inch long He slid into the bank to the side of the church down while I was sitting .... scratch resistant * ss my I put a screen protector over and I can still see Also when it is dark , there are black spots on the screen so you can use that as an excuse

  • 3Need PC repair!

    Need PC repair!

  • 4Macbook repair

    Can you tell me where  I can find best  Macbook repair  ?

  • 5Could I repair a Samsung Galaxy Ace myself?

    The screen of my Samsung Galaxy Ace smashed, the phone still works like normal, it's just the screen doesn't look great. I was wondering whether if I bought a screen (how much would a new screen cost) whether I could replace the screen myself without too much hassle. Or whether it would be cheaper and quicker to just send it away to be fixed. If you can please use British Pounds (£) if you can, I am British.

  • 6Where can I find Macbook pro repair?

    Where can I find Macbook pro repair?

  • 7Cracked Evo 3D screen repair?

    My evo 3D phone screen cracked a little from the corner. the screen touch function works perfectly still so assume the crack didn't get too far if that make sense. How much would it cost to repair? How much would sprint charge me? Is there another place I could go to that would do it cheaper?

  • 8Samsung Galaxy Tab Repair Companies?

    cracked glass on a 10.1" galaxy tab!

  • 9Samsung galaxy s2 screen repair?

    I cracked the screen on my samsung galaxy s2 last week, i went to the carphone warehouse and they quoted me £170 to get it fixed. Is this right or am i getting ripped off? Thanks

  • 10Where can I find Samsung Repair in Los Angeles?

    Where can I find Samsung Repair in Los Angeles?

  • 11How much is it to repair an LCD touchscreen on an android phone?

    My dog ​​chews , 3/4 of the screen is black , I was wondering what it would cost to repair or less? My guess is abround £ 25-30 ?

  • 12Problem with phone repair shop?

    hi, I got myself an HTC EVO 3D phone about 6 months ago. ever since I got it its been in and out of repair.. I even gave up on my warrenty and went to another repair shope in hope they will be able to fix the problem with it ( the touch screen went crazy or numb on its own) so they replaced my digitizer (it was already was replaced once by the compeny I bought the phone from) now even tho my phone still seems to behaive some what weird, I can cope with some minor hic hops but dirt is getting in under the screen and it makes my insane. the repair shop said they cant seal the screen from dirt cuz of some "Seal rippon" which is missing.. my question is, what should I do? should I demand to have them seal it? cuz I dont know my self if its possible or not.. I cant ask for a refund cuz they already replaced my digitizer.. any ideas?