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QKindle fire or samsung galaxy tab?

Which is better kindle fire or samsung galxy tab2?

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#1Kerstyn PurkeyAnswered at 2014-05-14 17:28:20
Comments from an owner of both devices:…

As per the features both are pretty much at the same level but Kindle Fire HD has some features that beat galaxy tab like:
- 1280*800 HD display vs 1024*600
- Front facing HD camera vs VGA camera
- HDMI out vs Tv out
- Digital dolby audio speakers
- Dual wifi antenna
- Xray for movies
- Amazon content and services

Other than that they are pretty similar.

Bestselling Kindle Fire:…

While Galaxy has pros like:
- Dual camera
- Upgrade option to 4.1 JB
- Full access to google play
- Java support

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7":…
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Kindle fire or samsung galaxy tab?

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