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HTC Rezound connectivity? related questions

  • 1HTC Rezound connectivity?

    Ok so i cannot see anything on phone the lcd is broken, I want to connect it to my comp to get files off but i need to change the connectivity to mass storage mode so how can i di this?

  • 2Samsung galaxy s laptop connectivity?

    How to connect samsung s3 for latop ?

  • 3I am having some issues with the wifi connectivity of my samsung galaxy s3?

    Even with a strong wifi connection , the two arrows below the wifi signal keeps flashing on and off, interrupting the download .

  • 4What's the best tablet pc for business use? (e-mails, office apps, travel, connectivity etc)?

    There are quite a few tablet pcs on the market now (iPad, Samsung, Google Nexus etc); I was wondering which tablet pc would be the best for a travelling executive? i.e. used mainly on the go or overseas (desktop/laptop for the desk job still).

  • 5Can you insert Pendrive in mobile? Do any new mobile come with USB port connectivity?

    Pls check this below link and see the features of moblie in that in connectivity it is mentioned USB - Yes Now what does this means? Does it mean that the mobile contains USB port and is it possible to insert pendrive in that USB port. Can data be transferred from mobile to pendrive or pendrive to mobile. Also is it possible to insert data card into mobile for internet.

  • 6My htc rezound needs help!!!!?

    Well I have it for not even a year. my first phone was a Thunderbolt, then I got another thunderbolt replacement, and another, then they sent me a HTC rebound, and then they sent me this one. Recently the battery has been dying fast, and when my phone is plugged in, sometimes it drains the battery? Do you think I can get another replacement?

  • 7Htc rezound screwdriver?

    i cracked my screen already, got a new one, but htc rezound has a wierd screw, does anyone know what kind of screw driver i need?

  • 8Iphone 4s Vs HTC Rezound?


  • 9Does the HTC Rezound have S- Voice?

    I know that the lesser version of Siri is the S Voice from droid, I wanted to know if the Rezound has it also, i know the Galaxy S3 does.

  • 10How much does the htc rezound cost?

    With Contract. in the USA

  • 11Would the HTC Rezound work in the UK?

    I've been hunting for my favourite smartphone for ages, then discover it's a US-only release! If I imported it from the US, would it work 100% here in the UK? Thank you

  • 12How to root HTZ rezound?

    I have been working on this for a while. I have an HTC Rezound and I am finding it hard to root it. I have the most recent update for the Rezound and I am running Windows 7. I have tried everything to get this to work. I am trying to use the zurg rush root. I download the driver file for the phone and have it unlocked, but when I use the ZergRushTempRoot.bat, I get a error "unable to chmod /system/bin/su: No such file or directory" And read only file system errors. I have been unable to find a solution that made any sense. Any help here would be really appreciated.