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QHow is nokia 500's touch screen smoothness?

I am going to buy nokia 500. But I'm little bit confuse.

If anyone had bought nokia 500 or had used it plz tell me about it.

has it touchscreen as smooth as samsung galaxy y?

how is photo quality? (as good as samsung phones or not)

and last which one you re-command? (nokia 500 or samsung touch screen phones)?

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#1MarjorieAnswered at 2014-05-06 01:28:03
its capacitive touch with 1ghz cpu,its way faster than galaxy y.
For the screen nokia has a 3.2inch 16.7million colour display @640*480 resolution with pixel density of 210.while galaxy y has 2.8 inch screen only 65k colour display with 320*480 resolution and 170 pixel obiviously screen on 500 is far better.
Android is good but only in high end devices low end androids like galaxy y sucks.
So if you'd like to take pics ,watch video play games id recommend nokia 500.
I dont recommend galaxy y,consider better alternatives like galaxy mini2,xperia mini etc.
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How is nokia 500's touch screen smoothness?

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