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What "Tech item" should I get? PLZ ANSWER? related questions

  • 1What "Tech item" should I get? PLZ ANSWER?

    I have the samsung impression and a 2nd generation ipod touch. I recently had my birthday and thought of buying something with my birthday money. I obviously don't have enough for all of these items, but I can save up. What item makes the most sense? -iPhone 4 (thought i can sell my ipod touch and maybe my phone for some extra money AND so i don't need to carry around 2 things everywhere) and i dont care about the 3G monthly price and stuff cuz i can figure out a way i can convince my parents to pay for it... -iPad I don't have enough money yet but I can save some... -Sony VAIO still don't have enough money but i'd get the new one, in blue. -Other phone i like the LG ally (cuz of the keyboard like my impression) and yes i know i have att and the ally is on verizon but i can just go on someones plan easily... -Sony dash I dont know about this but it seems like a cheaper version of ipad -that new galaxy S tablet I know samsungs a good company and stuff and with the camera and stuff, it looks really nice. I just don't know the price of this. -LG or Samsung 32" flat screen TV I dont have enough money but I can save. I have a 20" flat screen tv in my room and its small and not very...well, flat... ;) -Macbook Pro my sister has one, and i really like it. I think the Sony VAIO (listed ealier) is sorta like it and is cheaper, but i know apple is a very trusted brand. I for sure dont have enough money for this eather Which do u think i should get? PLZ ANSWER

  • 2Which better "Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus S7500" OR "Sony Xperia Miro"..?

  • 3"Samsung Galaxy S 3 Mini" or "Windows® Phone 8S by HTC®"?

    as above which one should I get and why?? thanks

  • 4Which is better "Sony ericsson Arc s" or "Samsung galaxy Ace 2" ?

    the most important things are: - Battery - Android version - Music - The screen - The software is good and fresh

  • 5I am confused between "LG Optimus One" and "HTC Wildfire S". Which one should I prefer?

    plz suggest the best of both , wise and play together in games, applications , etc!

  • 6Please help !!! ( "" 10 point i swear "" )?

    i never had iphone or galaxy s before so get 1- iphone 5 with galaxy tab 10.1 2- galaxy s 2 with ipad 2 3- iphone 5 with laptop 4- galaxy s 2 with laptop please help

  • 7What phone should i get "MyTouch 4G" or "HTC Evo 3D"?

    On tuesday i am going to be getting a new phone and i just want to know which phone had better capabilities of doing certain things and other details. Oh and i have to pay $400 for the MyTouch 4G and $350 for the Evo 3D.

  • 8How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as "router" / hot spot and share internet connection?

    I was being asked to share my connection and use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as router / access point for people at home . Where can we find the WPA/WPA2 PSK ? Read more : I have wireless internet that I can put on my Samsung Galaxy 3 . I want to share this wifi to my husband , but it calls for WPA/WPA2 PSK . What is it and where do I get ? Any solution you can suggest ? Please help .

  • 9Weather "auto refresh" on Android (Samsung Galaxy S3) question?

    My Samsung Galaxy is on the latest android operating software. So I have a weather widget on my phone and so far I've been having to manually update the weather just to know what the weather will be like today by pressing the refresh button. Over time it gets really annoying, because I don't want to unlock my phone just to refresh for the current weather. I went on settings and I saw an "Auto refresh" on the general settings of the widget. Right now it's on "none", but I want to try auto refreshing "Every 1 hour", but there's a warning that says "Updating information will require connection to network. This may incur charges. Continue?" Does it really incur charges? What does it mean? Can I safely set it to Every 1 hour? I have 2GB of internet each month which I rarely use (though there's no lower option right now).

  • 10Does Samsung Galaxy S3 really use "corning gorilla glass 2" as the screen protection?

    As GSMArena said both S3 and use Lumia 920

  • 11Hi I am buying the Sprint Evo 4g tomorrow and I was wondering if HTC fixed with "ungrounded" problem yet?

    an ungrounded surface is one that does not "have pass any type of electrical charge" and could pose a "huge issue when attempting to use the phone in a car dock for navigation or other purposes." Also does the screen seem more washed out than the previous models released prior?

  • 12Accidentally deleted important apps from "Applications Manager" on SGS 3?

    I kept getting the annoying