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QKindle Fire Question!!!?

I was thinking about buying the kindle fire for myself. I want something that I can read my books on, as well as i have many dvds that I want to convert so I can watch them on my kindle. Can I do that with the kindle fire or not? If not, which one of these will help me with what i want, kindle fire, nook, or samsung galaxy tab?

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#1PickleAnswered at 2014-04-29 11:08:26
I would speak to someone at a place like Best Buy that sells all of these devices if you would be able to do this with any of these devices. I don't know if any of these devices will. You can use Netflix with all of them. And the Kindle Fire does have Amazon Prime, which has the free video streaming to your Kindle Fire, which sounds like you might like it.
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Kindle Fire Question!!!?

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