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QWhich phone should i get for my birthday?


I'll be getting a new phone for my birthday. It is right around the corner! I have no budget restriction.

these are the phones that i like:

1) iPhone 4S

2) Samsung Galaxy S2

3) HTC Sensation XL or XE

4) Samsung Galaxy Note

Problem is i just CAN NOT decide which one to get. Each one has it's own unique feature.I like iPhone 4S for Siri. HTC sensation XE and XL because they have the beats by dre audio earbuds. Samsung Galaxy S2 because is a really fast phone and it is said that the Galaxy S2 is the best android phone out there right now. You are free to recommend me any other phone (: My current phone is the HTC Wildfire if that helps in any sort of way. And also are the beats by dre earbuds really worth it?

Thanks a lot!

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#1vanessa lopezAnswered at 2014-05-17 11:36:19
iphone 4s my friend got it an its amazing haha
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Which phone should i get for my birthday?

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