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How do i use a downloaded ringtone on my Samsung Epic? related questions

  • 1How do i use a downloaded ringtone on my Samsung Epic?

    I downloaded a ringtone, its saved in my downloads folder. How do I set it as my ringtone?

  • 2So I downloaded exp games but how do I use it?

    I recently joined to Game of Dice event and got this code. I dont know where to use thm!

  • 3Best e reader in which e books downloaded?

  • 4I downloaded a movie on my phone but it won't play?

    I have a Samsung galaxy ace 2.3.6. I downloaded the movie using atorrent. I have realplayer on my phone as well. But when I try to watch it either using that or the gallery, it doesn't work.

  • 5Why won't my phone play downloaded videos?

    Hiya well ive just recently got the Samsung Galaxy Ace and any time i download a video, when i go to watch it it says "video could not be played'. I am able to watch recorded videos but any time i go to watch a downloaded one this happens. How can i fix this?

  • 6Do I need internet for already downloaded apps on my android?

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (Google) and I have network but it isn't unlimited. And I've installed some apps and games from Android Store but I wanna know if they need internet to work. I mean I don't have much internet left. Please help me~~~ ^^"

  • 7Samsung music downloaded crisis!?

    Well here 's the deal. So I want to download songs to my new Samsung Galaxy Ace and I'm looking a free website that let me release all the latest songs from the website and on my Samsung playlist. I've heard of music hub , but that is rubbish because I will not pay anything ! I want something like Tubidy but I want the songs are , actual quality songs and not just the version of the song 's music video. I do not see why it is so difficult. People illegally download music all the time . They do not mind and I do not mind . And I really do not want to know anything about transferring songs to my phone from a computer , because I have not a computer or a laptop. Just letting you know that I have no answer to that effect. I know I'm being very difficult and demanding , but if anyone can guide me to a website EASY TO USE free , for Samsung , which allows me to successfully download the latest songs without problems and then trust me , I would be very grateful. Thank you very much ~ Nicola

  • 8Why does my HTC change its ringtone?

    Hello I have a HTC Sentation 4G and the Software is 4.0.3 Ginger Bread. im having a really annoying problem with my phone when ever i connect it to a PC and take off and put on music my ringtone resets to default. i know what your thinking about me deleting the song use but honestly im not i have a separate folder for my ringtone and the phone makes acopy of that tone and puts it in another folder so their are 2 copies. Does anyone no what i should do because i use my PC to charge my phone and its very frustrating that i have to put my ringtone back every-time i charge it

  • 9why an app is not getting downloaded though space is available both in phone memory and SD card

    My HTC T mobile 3G phone is having space both on phone memory and SD card I am unable to install one app DC with remark Unable to download on USB/SD card. How to rectify and install the app? [email protected]

  • 10Where can I find the music I downloaded from Frostwire on my COMPUTER?

    I know how to send music from FrostWire to iTunes , mine does it automatically. But I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for Christmas and I want to send some music that I downloaded from FrostWire to that. But I have no idea how. I can not find the files where this music could exist on my computer . I can only find on iTunes. Can anyone help ?

  • 11How to set ringtone per contact in android?

    How to set contact ringtone in android ?

  • 12How do I set custom ringtone on my Galaxy S3?

    I have an MP3 file on the computer you want to set as my ringtone for my Galaxy S3 . How I can get this file on my phone ? And when I do , I can configure how as my ringtone?