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Whats good about unlocking phones? related questions

  • 1Whats good about unlocking phones?

    I have a SGH-A667 Samsung phone(samsung evergreen) whats the difference between an unlocked non-smartphones and locked ones? will the workers say anything if i go there to change my phone ?

  • 2Whats a good tablet that doesnt cost to much but has pretty good quality?

    I'm looking for a tablet that is to expensive as the iPad but that has better quality then a MID ePad.

  • 3Are the Eastern Asian version of phones as good as the Original Branded phones?

    I wonder if they are the same? Durability , service life , battery life etc ? I would like a fairly new phone like iPhone etc S3 or 4/5 . but my budget will not let me anywhere they ... For example This is a copy of the Samsung Galaxy Note - Is it as good / the same or just a copy garbage is not even worth the price that is set at ?

  • 4Whats the best phone from Sprint? (Out of these phones)?

    I'm getting a Sprint phone in a week and just want to know which phone is the best of them all , opinions are appreciated :) LG Optimus S Sanyo Zio LG Rumor Touch of Palm Pixi BlackBerry Curve 3G Smartphone - SANYO SCP- 2700 (Refurbished ) and art Samsung Seek I have really wanted the Blackberry or rumor touch but need opinions !

  • 5Whats wrong with samsung making their cellphone users feel they got outdated phones?

    Samsung released some top phones. but theres a problem with the branding, why cant they rename newer model phones withna complete new name? Like if u own a galaxy s2 they make an s3 ... u own a s3 now they gna make an s4. if u have used an s2 as well as an s3 u know there is minimal difference. And as expensive as the s2 is ... the s3 will make an s2 user feel he got an outdated phn. now they gna do it wid da s3 and s4. Its the same wid iphones... I4 and now i5 minimal differences.

  • 6Whats good about the new Samsung galaxy s2?

  • 7Whats better a good phone or a tablet ?

    What would you recommend to get a top of the range phone ( Sony xperia s , Samsung Galaxy S3 ) or get a good tablet ( Sony tablet s , galaxy tab 10.1 ) and a Sony Xperia U or P with him . Please add any other recommendations for your phone or tablet for £ 500 - . budget £ 600 thanks in advance

  • 8Whats a good tablet for school?

    I'm going back to school full time and want to invest in a tablet, so I have to carry so many textbooks and even work on tasks in it . I was thinking of just going with a Nook Tablet because its so cheap and at first all I wanted was to use it for textbooks, but I realized if I was going to spend the money on something that I want the best and want get the most out of it . So you might want to paint or draw on it , perhaps, and the use of Facebook and golf games . So what should I look? Also I do not want to use 3G ( not sure if that would make a difference or not).

  • 9Whats a good phone verizon sells?

    Im eligable for a new phone and wondered what verizon has thats good in a smartphone. I wont buy the apple phones so dont suggest those please. Was looking at the htc ryhme but due to reviews it looked bad. I need advice on a good phone. Please help!!!!!!

  • 10Whats the best smartphone and why? also which good smartphones are coming out soon?

    I have to get a new phone . Title says it all . I'm looking for iPhone 5 at this time , nothing can beat that and why ?

  • 11Whats a good app to edit pictures on android?

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 &iwanted to know some good apps to edit my pictures for things like instagram btw follow me on instagram @because_itschasity

  • 12Whats a good tablet for me to use for school work?

    I especially would like to use for notes and it would be nice if it had wifi and could hold my books and stuff, any recommendations ? Also due to my lack of experience with these products can anyone tell me if they can hold office programs such as Open Office or Microsoft Office? oh yeah , and the price is a problem so do not recommend apple products are overpriced lol