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QWhere to find smartphones cheap?

So I want an evo 3d but my upgrade isn't for another year.I'm 14 so I can't get a job but I'm getting some money so is there a site that sells smartphones for less than the carriers? I know ebay does but I'm not sure I trust the sellers.thanks in advance.

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#1deegaizAnswered at 2014-04-12 02:08:57
Aliexpress. But you'd better chat with the seller firstly to see the details no matter from which store you are ready to buy.
#2ParadiseAnswered at 2014-04-16 08:07:38
You can try this...
I know phones are about 600+ dollars.
If you have $200 or so you can still buy them from the AT&or Verizon store (which ever you have)
&pay less.

You can go in a store &add a line to your account for $9 a month.
Then you pay the 2 year contract fee for what ever phone you want, some are free, some 50, 100, 200 ect..
After you do that, go back the next day and just cancel the line you just purchased.
You will have to pay a cancellation fee. I think it's about $160 or so.

So you can get like a Motorola Droid (if 2-year contract make it free)for like $169 dollars. (maybe not as cheap as you want) but it is from a good place and that's more than half off the full price.

if not Amazon is much more trustworthy than ebay. I know the have the Palm Pixi for only $40 brand new.
#3khailaAnswered at 2014-05-02 11:17:07
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Where to find smartphones cheap?

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