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Where to find smartphones cheap? related questions

  • 1Where to find smartphones cheap?

    So I want an evo 3d but my upgrade isn't for another year.I'm 14 so I can't get a job but I'm getting some money so is there a site that sells smartphones for less than the carriers? I know ebay does but I'm not sure I trust the sellers.thanks in advance.

  • 2What are some Cheap smartphones to be used as a tablet?

    I'm looking for a cheap smartphone to use as a portable tablet, I need a screen about 4-5 inch screen I don't want service just use its wifi and use it as a tablet, would the Evo 3d Sprint work cause that's only $150 and thats what I want to pay. Thanks.

  • 3Find a cheap Samsung infuse ?

    Find a cheap Samsung infuse ?

  • 4Where can I find some cheap cute phone cases for the galaxy s3?

    Apart from Amazon and eBay

  • 5What smartphone/android is cheap with a cheap contract/plan?

    i want a new phone for my birthday but my parent dont like plans/ contracts so i need one with a really cheap plan/contract thee phones price needs to be at the utter most 200 dollars but only if the plan is real cheap plus if you can i would really like one with internet accsess

  • 6What is the best top ten smartphones?

    What is the top ten best smartphones ?

  • 7Which of these are smartphones?

    Which of these are smartphones ? Nokia N82 HTC TyTN II Nokia N95 8GB HTC Magic Nokia E52 Sony Ericsson C905 Cyber ​​-shot W902 Plus Nokia 5610 XpressMusic HTC Legend Samsung Omnia 7 Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Samsung Tocco Ultra Edition Sony Ericsson G705 HTC Desire Nokia C3 Touch and Type Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google Nexus S Samsung Galaxy S Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Apple iPhone 3G S Samsung Galaxy S3 Apple iPhone 4 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Apple iPhone 5 Samsung Galaxy S2 Android Jelly Bean HTC One X 4G Samsung Galaxy S3

  • 8Do all smartphones freeze?

    I recently got a samsung galaxy ace and freezers it every few days , I know it's not much, but I do not care because it is so new . My friend told me that she never for a samsung again , not because of job applications and phone freezing but I think the only ace freezers because of the technology and the applications on it . Do other smartphones like the iPhone and HTC freezing often?

  • 9Smartphones in the £200-£250 range?

    Excluding the four nexus due to availability problems which are the best ?

  • 10Good at&t smartphones?

    So I'm more likely to get the Samsung Galaxy S2 soon , and I want to know if the phones are better ... besides the iphone . I have the iphone 4, and I'm tired of it . So if you know any good , help me .

  • 11Good smartphones??????

    I had a samsung galaxy note but it broke and my dad gave it to me cause he didn't want it so i my mum didn't have to pay for it. So now I need a new smartphone, i prefere samsung, but I want it to be slim cause I hate thick ones lol and I mostly use the app store. Does every smartphone have an app store? And I want a touchscreen all over so not a blackberry curve etc. Any cheap ideas? Thanks

  • 12Just wanna know about smartphones?

    Is a Nokia Lumia 800 a good phone and can I get whatsapp on it? just wanna get a cheap not 2 expensive phone so I can get whatsapp please help me which phone is good for whatsapp?