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QIce Cream Sandwich update for my Galaxy S II?

Until now my phone didn't get an update for 2.3.4. and I'm worried I may not be able to update to Android 4.0

How do I update even if I can? Kies or the phone itself?

BTW, my Baseband is: XXKDJ and my Build is: XWKE1.

Pls help

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#1AnonymousAnswered at 2014-05-19 17:16:53
It depends on your phone. Currently, the only phone that has been officially announced for the 4.0 ICS update is the Nexus S...although theoretically, the update is compatible with all 2.3 devices, but ultimately it depends on your carrier's decision to release it. It is rumored that the Samsung GalaxyS II will receive the update in early 2012.

"We don’t know when Google will release the actual source code for Android 4.0, but it should be shortly after the Galaxy Nexus hits store shelves in November. This likely means that we won’t see any official updates to Android 4.0 until 2012."

On a side note, HTC is the only manufacturer I've heard so far that is not FULLY on board, but all of the above remains to be seen. Check, or for updates.
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Ice Cream Sandwich update for my Galaxy S II?

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