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QSamsung Galaxy s3 wifi connection ?

Hello :) I have only my Galaxy S3 new about two days and when I left the store with what they could get on the internet on Facebook and Google , and so on . It kept giving me pop ups on wifi , but I did not click the button now . When I got home I connected to my wifi and everything was fine and dandy . But then I went to lunch and was trying to get on the internet and it said offline. Why I can not I get on the internet when I'm away from home ? Help ? ! :)

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#1IuliaAnswered at 2013-01-26 17:44:27
Perhaps there is no Wifi connection nearby. To use the Wi - Fi should be within range of a Wi - Fi router and have the password inorder to access and connect to the WiFi service . For connection anywhere you can get APN or use of data , you can find out how much they charge your service provider and choose the best plan that suits you.
#2baiAnswered at 2013-03-03 08:00:01
Try using the mobile data connection when outside wifi coverage .... Wireless range may vary depending on your router . Can be used with only a building or campus .
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Samsung Galaxy s3 wifi connection ?

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