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    If i buy an hdmi adapter for my samsung galaxy tab 10.1 would i be able to plug my ps3 into it? please help!!!!

  • 2For my tech people out there which one is better the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Why and which?

    and the difference in cost. Please detail.

  • 3Tech Influencers

    What you know about Tech Influencers  ?

  • 4Evo 3D and 3DS Tech comparison?

    Is the technology in the new Sprint™ Evo 3D and the Nintendo® 3DS the same?

  • 5This or That Tech Version?

    1. iPhone vs HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S3 (to choose the second option ) 2. Like Dislike vs Blackberry Blackberry 3. Microsoft vs. Apple 4. PC vs. Mac 5. Chrome vs your favorite browser other than Chrome ( say ) 6. Video Music vs ( and pretend that you can not have music videos) 7. Black vs White mobile phones 8. Windows vs OS ( or whatever Apple is one)

  • 6What tablet should i buy for someone who is tech literate?

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  • 7Android tech heads help please :)?

    Hey guys, I am getting a replacement phone as my current one is broken. I own a Samsung galaxy s2 and it's being replaced by the same. I want to know how do I back up my apps that I have paid for so I can get them on my new phone.. What's the easiest way to all of this? Thanks x

  • 8Which is a better an Android or iphone for someone who is not tech savvy?

    I currently have an old flip phone and have never had a smartphone. I am not sure which is better for me. I have the ipad2 and love it but the apps cost alot. Are there more free apps for the Android than there are for the iphone? I am very confused by all the options.

  • 9Can someone tell me why do people do this?

    So I'm a sixteen year old guy who FINALLY got his first smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Nexus <3), in a world where iPhones are all the craze, I wanted to get something a bit obscure. Well I had to pay for the upgrade fee, the phone itself and have to give a bit of money to my parents monthly to keep it on. Ever since I got the phone (about a week ago) friends and others literally GRAB the phone outta my hands to play with it (games, Instagram, text messages,etc.)...some people even compare sizes with their phone because mine is gigantic! When I ask for it politely back, they completely disregard me where it comes to the point to me GRABBING it back outta their hands. Can someone tell me exactly why people do this? I have never done this; it's just plain rude. What is wrong with society these days?! Thanks! Tyde :)

  • 10Is it hard to keep up with tech as a software developer/web developer etc?

    1)As a software developer/web developer is it difficult or stressful to keep up with technological changes? 2) How much of your own time do you devote to updating your skills? Do you lack much free time? 3)Does your work feel meaningful? I suppose this answers depends on the company you are working for. Not sure if this is posted in the right place but I'll give it a go. Thanks in advance.  

  • 11What "Tech item" should I get? PLZ ANSWER?

    I have the samsung impression and a 2nd generation ipod touch. I recently had my birthday and thought of buying something with my birthday money. I obviously don't have enough for all of these items, but I can save up. What item makes the most sense? -iPhone 4 (thought i can sell my ipod touch and maybe my phone for some extra money AND so i don't need to carry around 2 things everywhere) and i dont care about the 3G monthly price and stuff cuz i can figure out a way i can convince my parents to pay for it... -iPad I don't have enough money yet but I can save some... -Sony VAIO still don't have enough money but i'd get the new one, in blue. -Other phone i like the LG ally (cuz of the keyboard like my impression) and yes i know i have att and the ally is on verizon but i can just go on someones plan easily... -Sony dash I dont know about this but it seems like a cheaper version of ipad -that new galaxy S tablet I know samsungs a good company and stuff and with the camera and stuff, it looks really nice. I just don't know the price of this. -LG or Samsung 32" flat screen TV I dont have enough money but I can save. I have a 20" flat screen tv in my room and its small and not very...well, flat... ;) -Macbook Pro my sister has one, and i really like it. I think the Sony VAIO (listed ealier) is sorta like it and is cheaper, but i know apple is a very trusted brand. I for sure dont have enough money for this eather Which do u think i should get? PLZ ANSWER

  • 12Why do so many people want the iphone 4s?

    Why would anyone want to own an iphone 4s, because there friends own one. Are people being brainwashed. Iphone 4s is a piece of garbage. Its risk of getting damages when dropped is way higher then androids. Not to mention lack of features. It doesnt even have adobe flash which i find just sad for a 2011 phone. I own a droid bionic and i know its way better then thAT PILE of trash.