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QBroken s3 screen, how much to get it fixed?

I just got a samsung galaxy s3 a month ago , and flew from the hand of one meter away from me while I was in school . I tried to turn on , and the inside seemed to work , but the LCD did not work , and there was a crack halfway across the screen , and there's a hole next to the back button in the corner . How I can fix this for ? I really need to get it fixed at the lowest possible cost , because I paid for this phone for myself on ebay , and my parents refuse to help pay the cost of fixing . PLEASE RESPOND ASAP! I really really need this phone : (

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#1HgoAnswered at 2013-01-08 16:41:23
I'd say $ 100 , or you could buy the screen and replace your car ...
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Broken s3 screen, how much to get it fixed?

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