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Can I get android 4.2 on samsung galaxy s3 without rooting? related questions

  • 1What is rooting in android?

    How to rooting your android device b? and is it useful or not?

  • 2What is rooting an ANDROID device?

    Hello , So I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I've been wondering what is rooting an Android device ? What are the benefits ? Can you change your android version eg FRYO A ANDROID Android Ice Cream Sandwich ? just want to know this . thanks

  • 3Best android rooting needed!

    Best android rooting needed!

  • 4Rooting an android device?

    I am very new to android devices, however I have heard about rooting my device. It was not explained to me what it was and im usually told "if you dont know what it is, dont worry about it" I would at least like to know what it is. Is it similar to ssh-ing an idevice? Is it an advanced way of personalizing my device? Please help! (i am on a samsung galaxy tab)

  • 5Rooting My Android Phone.?

    Now ive seen so many videos for rooting android but i still don't understand what it will do. Whats the Point. Please list them so i can know. I also heard that ill lose my warranty..Can i buy a warranty after i root it ?BTW i have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

  • 6Can I get android 4.2 on samsung galaxy s3 without rooting?

    I don't want to root because I'm not sure about it and I use a mac, not a pc. My Samsung GS3 was bought on January 18th, 2013. I'm in Switzerland and I use sunrise. Will sunrise, my carrier, let me update my phone? When I check for updates, it says it's up to date. I really want android 4.2.! Is it just a matter of waiting until I can get it through settings and updates?

  • 7For the same version android, why are there very different methods of rooting?

    I have an Android 2.3.6 device and the rooting method for it described on many websites is very different fron those of other 2.3.6 devices. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Y can be rooted by updating with a root package in the recovery mode, which is very simple. However, the method described for my phone is very lengthy and confusing. Could the method for rooting Samsung Galaxy Y be used to root my phone since they have the same version of Android?

  • 8Can i upgrade android version after rooting?

    i have a rooted galaxy mini 2 gt-s6500 and i know that samsung is going to release jellybean for this model too. So after the day the upgrade is released how can i get it? can i get it directly from the built in Software Update ? or i have to manually do upgrade it myself. If can be upgraded through Software Update can i upgrade it on a rooted phone normally like how i get install update before i root or i must unroot it before upgrading/updating? finally if can be upgraded in rooted condition, after upgraded to jellybean will my root remain or i will get unrooted? thx in advance...

  • 9Does rooting slow down your android phone?

    I want to root my Samsung Galaxy S3 , but I worry that could slow the phone as when jailbroke my iPod touch (I was a little late when I go through the menu screen right after the jailbreak , not drastically slow but it bothers me ) . Do any of you rooted your device ? Do you have any problem with it ?

  • 10Will rooting my android device remove my applications?

    im using a samsung galaxy ace phone ... I wonder if completely wipe out all my apps that I can download when I root my device ...

  • 11Does rooting your android increase battery life?

    as if I root my HTC Rezound I will be able to customize my battery life .

  • 12Where can I learn about Rooting and Installing a Custom Rom on my Android device?

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