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What is the equivalent of microsoft word for samsung galaxy tab 2? related questions

  • 1What is the equivalent of microsoft word for samsung galaxy tab 2?

    I am looking to get a samsung galaxy tab 2 for christmas but need to access my word documents so wanted to know the equivalent. Thanks :)

  • 2Is there any application like microsoft office word for android?

    Im using samsung galaxy s3 mini. I want application that functions exactly same like microsoft office word so that i can do my task anytime and anywhere.

  • 3Is there a microsoft word 2010 app for the samsung galaxy tab 10.1? Thanks.?

    If not really my decision much easier to buy the record .

  • 4What is a smartphone equivalent or better than the iPhone 5?

    My dad told me yesterday that I can have £250 for Christmas -yeabuddy- and I pretty much need a phone (mine got stolen, so I'm using my samsung genio). I'm willing to put money in and I'd love an iPhone 5 but are there any alternatives that are just as good if not better? So far it's pretty much between a Galaxy Nexus and the iPhone but I'm open to suggestions 'cause I've not looked round in depth.. Christmas is an age away anyway! Oh, the iPhone price is pretty much as high a price as I'll go I think (£529). It's also gotta be SIM-free 'cause I'm mid-contract. Thankyou

  • 5Equivalent to imovie or final cut pro on android market place?

    I just bought the samsung galaxy tab and i want to download a video editing software like imovie or final cut pro. Is there any software the is the same or close to those softwares? Thanks in advance

  • 6Is there internet and mobile data equivalent in Kerla, India?

    Okay, so I'm being forced to go to Kerla with the family this summer, and after getting some rage out, I realized it wouldn't be so bad if I can get internet. First question. Will my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy s2 (t989) work there. Yes I know I would have to unlock it, but can I get a plan for a month to.... like go on the internet there, or go on Skype using my phone. I don't know if they have "mobile data" over there. Secondly, Is it possible to get internet with my laptop there. Like some USB plug in that will let me get internet. How and where. Last: If I found wifi, can I call people in the USA with it. I'll be going to Kottayam? How ever it's spelt, and neighboring cities. For for sounding like a complete idiot. I know I can get internet there, just don't know how. But I really am not to sure about getting/if there is "mobile data" there to use with my phone. To use skype/use the internet and such.

  • 7Can a android be jailbroken? or is there an other word for it?

    i have a samsung galaxy s2 n i know the iphone can be jailvrokeb hs cydia but can i do the same with android? n if so can someone tell me how

  • 8Are you getting tired of the word 'epic'?

    If I remember correctly , the epic was a word used mostly by the Internet to describe something interesting or surprising or unbelievable . now it seems that companies are incorporating the word in their products for sale . Some examples ( I can think of right now) are : 1. nintendo titling his next game as Kirby

  • 9Can the Samsung Galaxy Tab Word Process?

    Ok I have been choosing between ipad , waiting for the iPad 2, or waiting for Playbook, or get this tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab ) and I need one fast for school, so I chose the Samsung obviously, but I need to know if you can do a lot of things for school, Word processing , spreadsheets , PowerPoint , the ETC Please and thank you

  • 10Are you getting the Microsoft Surface?

    Hi! Im just wondering if anyone else was getting the Microsoft Surface like me! At first I was getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 but this one looks MUCH better. Does anyone know the price for it? Also was I making a good decision ny choosing the Surface over the Galaxy Tab? And will there be good apps on The Surface? Like YouTube,FaceBook,etc

  • 11It's mid april, any word on Droid bionic release date?

    Trying to decide weather to wait and get it or just get a different phone.

  • 12Microsoft office on tablet?

    What I can download applications for Microsoft Office on my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet?