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Cheapest plan for Verizon HTC Rezound? related questions

  • 1Cheapest plan for Verizon HTC Rezound?

  • 2Kindly suggest me any cheapest web hosting plan?

    Hello! Friends, I need some cheap web hosting services whose I can afford. But still I have no knowledge regarding this, so please tell me? 

  • 3What is the cheapest unlimited data plan for the samsung galaxy s3?

    I want to get this phone . can you please tell me a company that offers unlimited data please? thank you

  • 4What is the cheapest family plan with unlimited data for 2 Samsung Galaxy s2/s3's?

    Let's say me and my dad want to get a family plan for 2 Samsung Galaxy s3's. We don't want many minutes. Probably 500-600 minutes for both of us combined will be sufficient. We want unlimited text/data. What's the cheapest monthly family plan we could get for two Samsung Galaxy s3's that would meet our expectations? What about s2's? What will the phone prices be? Thanks!

  • 5Should I get the verizon rezound?

  • 6I unlocked my verizon htc rezound and..?

    i used this link to unlock my phone… im pretty sure my phone is unlocked. i put in my t mobile sim card and it still doesnt work, am i not doing something? do i need to root too? thanks

  • 7I have Verizon Should I get the the Iphone or Samsung Nexus or Rezound?

    I currently have a HTC Thunderbolt &I want toget a ew phone but lost lol please help which one would you get. My friend currently has a Iphone threw Sprint. Please help me out.

  • 8How do you like Verizon's data plan?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my phone to a smartphone and get the 2 GB per month data plan. I'm nervous that 2 GB will not be enough . I do not do online movie or anything, but do not want to be worried about going over my usage. The opinions, on or biting ? Smart phones that I should avoid ?

  • 9Verizon's end to unlimited data plan?

    On 7-7-11, panic swept across the United States as Verizon ended their $30 unlimited data plan. I, fortunately, am grandfathered in so I can continue with the $30 unlimited plan. But for how long? If I upgrade to the omnipotent and all-powerful Droid Bionic when it is released can I stick with my plan? Also, will Verizon force me to upgrade to a limited data plan in the future? Thanks in advance.

  • 10How does Verizon family plan work with a smarphone?

    I am currently on a family plan with my parents at this time and at this moment I am using a Samsung Reality ™ in Piano Black and I was forced to get a minimum data plan with it. My question is, does the billing change if I had to switch to a smartphone like the Galaxy S3 ? From what I found , now I have 25 MB of data , unlimited text and 2000 minutes voice.

  • 11Iphone 4s @ Plan 1799 or Iphone 5 @ Plan 2499 or Samsung Galaxy S3 @ Plan 2499 or Galaxy Note 2 @ Plan 2499?

    If you choose: 1. Iphone 4s in the 1799 Plan pesos for 24 months? 2. Iphone 5 on Plan 2499 pesos for 24 months? 3. Samsung Galaxy S3 Plan in 2499 for 24 months? 4. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in the 2499 Plan for 24 months? What would you choose and why ? For my part , I wonder which of these four would buy . If I choose Iphone 4s / 5 I can not Jailbreak and therefore can not access premium applications for free. Meanwhile, if I choose Samsung S3 and note , I worry that I can not get into my pocket , because of the size of the screen . I also believe that the price range of these smartphones , iPhone 4s that is almost 100% similar to the iPhone 4 arriving in 1799 a month while the other 3 arrives in 2499 a month. Help me guys !

  • 12If I want a 4G phone but my plan is regular on Sprint how much will the plan jump in price?

    I want the HTC EVO 3D, it is 4G and I do not know how much extra the plan will be a month instead of now