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Why wont my phone work? related questions

  • 1Why wont my phone work?

    I have a samsung galaxy s2 and its fairly new. I have dropped it a few times. Today i went to get a font app so i can change the fonts on my phone and it froze and crashed like a computer would. I didnt think anything of it because it usually turns itself off occasionally so I go back to turn it on and its doing its thing but it freezes at the 4G screen and it gets brighter then dims down. Could it be that it was a virus? I have taken the battery out and let it sit for awhile and I have also let it sit on the 4G screen to see if it would just get itself out of it but nothing has worked. Help?

  • 2I have a stylist for my samsung tablet anf it wont work is there a way i can make it work?

    I have a stylist for my samsun galaxy tab and it dosent work is there a way to make it work???

  • 3I have a galaxy ace and when wifi is connected it wont go online or anything online based wont work?

  • 4Why nokia tells .will continue produce winfows phone 7?while windows 8 application wont work on 7..and cant up?

    Can't update to 8 is it cheating What will the people do those who bought Lumia 900 wich is pricy

  • 5Why wont the ios.6 update work?

    I have the itouch 4 gen 8 gb and when i did the update it said it failed to install ever since when i try to intall it again it says update failed to install. It only gives me the options to go back to settings and learnmore help i really want to install this

  • 6Samsung kies mini wont work?

    i have been trying for a while, and kies mini for my samsung galaxy s1 vibrant sgh t959 says its on the most current version but i have no firmware.... my phone os rooted and unlocked anyone know the problem?

  • 7Samsung galaxy s2 update wont work.?

    Whenever i try to update my unlocked samsung galaxy s2 i9100, it says that i cannot connect to servers. i tried with excellent wifi connection. please help

  • 8New sd card wont work in samsung galaxy s3?

    I just got a new 32 gb sd card to replace my 8 gb one. the 8gb one works fine , but when nothing happens me to enter 32 . i go to settings

  • 9Changed my homescreen password and now it wont work?

    I have an HTC Rezound and the problem is that I entered my new password correctly , but I leave my home screen.

  • 10Why wont the internet work on my samsung galaxy mini?

    I've got a Samsung galaxy mini, with a three sim card on a sim contract, and i was using the internet fine,and then i picked it up and within a second it had gone. I can use the WiFi, but not if i'm out of range of it. There is no internet symbol in the top right corner but there is phone signal. Ive tried taking the battery out and factory resseting but nothing will work. Someone help? Many Thanks

  • 11Why wont WiFi tether for root users work?

    I rooted my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S3 runs on 4.1.1 and download Jellybean

  • 12My phone wont download from some sources and wont connect to wifi?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 , is fairly new and worked well until recently . Suddenly , one day stops connecting to a WiFi network . The wifi just booted my phone and now even the wifi signal is collected unless it is within a meter of the box. Since then I have also been able to download from the mobile data or Internet game store ? ? Help ? :. ? " ( Everyone else in the house can still use the wifi fine and I 'm running up quite a bill with my internet phone for everything that I would normally use for my phone wifi Do malfunctioning or am I? ?