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Motorola Atrix 2 vs Samsung Galazy S2!? related questions

  • 1Motorola Atrix 2 vs Samsung Galazy S2!?

    I'm looking at the cameras! They both have 8MP rear cameras. Galaxy S2 has a 2MP front camera while the Atrix 2 has a VGA camera (.03MP). Does anyone have sample of the Atrix 2's front camera? Like a picture or video? The Atrix 2 is the cheapest and has the longest lasting battery according to details &; reviews, but I want a good front facing camera like the galaxy. So, I was wondering if anyone has a sample because if the Atrix 2 has a fairly good front camera, I'll just get that. It's half the price! The Atrix is 99 &; the Galaxy is 199. I'm really looking at just the front cameras because everything else is pretty much the same except the Atrix also has a longer lasting battery. So, if the front cameras dont have much a difference, I think the Atrix is way better. The only way I wouldn't get it is if the front camera is super bad!

  • 2Should i get the motorola droid bionic or motorola atrix?

    I want a powerful smartphone that is fun. I am a current I phone user and hate it. I used to be with android but switched and it was the worst move ever. I want a smartphone that will get me through anything ever.

  • 3What is a better option motorola atrix.or.galaxy tab?

    which is better for small presentations SaleA Galaxy Tab or Motorola Atrix with the laptop, as an attachment

  • 4Should I get the motorola atrix or droid bionic?

    I want a cool long lasting phone that is awesome. Also I want it to be released soon.

  • 5Samsung Galaxy S 4g vs Motorola Atrix 2?

    I'm looking for a new phone . Which do you think is better? The reason why the two is chosen because the battery life . Here is a list of things you want in a phone. long battery life 8.0 MP camera with flash ( And if possible , with a front facing cam too. ) Good use of the social network . ( Twitter and Facebook only . Oh, and Yahoo email . ) Memory Card Slot SD Well GPS applications So that's basically what I want. Which phone do you think is better. And if you know of any other phone that you think is better , please tell me . I'm buying the phone from eBay and need it to be less than $ 300 . So that means that there is no X HTC or Samsung Galaxy S3 or iphone 4s . Oh, and it has to be dual processor and android . So yeah , any advice would be great : D Oh, and what do you know about the HTC desire s , HTC Sensation 4G , Motorola Droid 3 and Samsung Exhibit 2? Thank you very much : D

  • 6What UI is used on Droid Bionic that makes it different from Motorola Atrix?

    It looks like the droid bionic uses the base motoblur ui but it looks like anewer version of what the atrix uses. Is there a way to upgrade my atrix to this or can I use a rom to do it?

  • 7Motorola atrix 2, Nokia Lumia 900, or Samsung galaxy s2?

    What android phone should I get? (at&t)

  • 8Does Motorola Atrix 2 looks good status wise? Does it has good camera and does it has any durability problem?

    As we know that in matters of state phone market and most people use Samsung , Nokia and Blackberry phones. So all this sounds weird motorola phone and has all the features I want in my budget , but I worry that are not outdated and less state My budget is 15000-16000 rupees and my needs are

  • 9Help samsaung galazy gone dead?

    hey i have SAMSUNG galaxy mini the prob is when ever i use wifi on mah mob it batteries flies out like in 10 minutes is there any way to get rid of it and i have 2GB memory card on mah mob when ever i download sum apps mah mob gets super slow i just have 3 apps 1- mp3 down loader 2-lyrics 3-viber and all are on internal memory i meant phone memory do i change my memory card like should i buy for 4GB its been 5 MONTHS i have buyied my mobile its my birthday gift my parents give it to me u know how much it means to me SO THANKZ IN ADVANCE

  • 10Should I get the Atrix, galaxy s II or a new HTC in June?

    Nearly time for an upgrade, but can't decide between the a new HTC, galaxy s II or the Atrix 4G

  • 11Motorola Photon or Evo 3D?

    Ok, I didn't make my last question clear. I can get an EVO 3D or a Photon. I care about Screen size/ Quality, speed, and reception, also interfaces. Which one, and WHY.

  • 12I need to get an htc or Motorola phone but I'm not sure which?

    I was thinking of the evo 3d or the sensation or something along those lines. What would u get?