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For the same version android, why are there very different methods of rooting? related questions

  • 1For the same version android, why are there very different methods of rooting?

    I have an Android 2.3.6 device and the rooting method for it described on many websites is very different fron those of other 2.3.6 devices. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Y can be rooted by updating with a root package in the recovery mode, which is very simple. However, the method described for my phone is very lengthy and confusing. Could the method for rooting Samsung Galaxy Y be used to root my phone since they have the same version of Android?

  • 2Can i upgrade android version after rooting?

    i have a rooted galaxy mini 2 gt-s6500 and i know that samsung is going to release jellybean for this model too. So after the day the upgrade is released how can i get it? can i get it directly from the built in Software Update ? or i have to manually do upgrade it myself. If can be upgraded through Software Update can i upgrade it on a rooted phone normally like how i get install update before i root or i must unroot it before upgrading/updating? finally if can be upgraded in rooted condition, after upgraded to jellybean will my root remain or i will get unrooted? thx in advance...

  • 3Rooting galaxy s2 version 4.0.4?

    How I can root my galaxy s2 running android 4.0.4 version please? A step by step guide wouldbe greatly appreciated. thanks

  • 4How to download android version 2.3.4 on my galaxy ace s5830i android version 2.3.6 (stock)?

    Hey man can ppz help me how to download gingerbread 2.3.4 on our s5830i. A friend of mine told me that if i go to samsung care they will do that is it true???? Also my phone is rooted however i can unroot it if i give them the roored phone will they do this job if tgey cant some one plz help me to do and dont firget its s5830i not s5830 please friends help asap

  • 5Replacing the samsung customized version of android on my Galaxy S3 with a pure version?

    I just wanted some advice , Samsung Android version is a bit annoying at times , not a big fan of S VOICE also Do you think it would be worth switching to a pure version of Android ? What are the advantages / disadvantages ? My phone is glitchy at all after the changes ? Also, what is the simplest way to do this ? Thank you !

  • 6Galaxy s2 the 2.3.4 android version can it be update to 2.3.6 version?

  • 7What is rooting in android?

    How to rooting your android device b? and is it useful or not?

  • 8What is rooting an ANDROID device?

    Hello , So I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and I've been wondering what is rooting an Android device ? What are the benefits ? Can you change your android version eg FRYO A ANDROID Android Ice Cream Sandwich ? just want to know this . thanks

  • 9Rooting My Android Phone.?

    Now ive seen so many videos for rooting android but i still don't understand what it will do. Whats the Point. Please list them so i can know. I also heard that ill lose my warranty..Can i buy a warranty after i root it ?BTW i have a Boost Mobile Samsung Galaxy Prevail.

  • 10Rooting an android device?

    I am very new to android devices, however I have heard about rooting my device. It was not explained to me what it was and im usually told "if you dont know what it is, dont worry about it" I would at least like to know what it is. Is it similar to ssh-ing an idevice? Is it an advanced way of personalizing my device? Please help! (i am on a samsung galaxy tab)

  • 11Best android rooting needed!

    Best android rooting needed!

  • 12Does rooting slow down your android phone?

    I want to root my Samsung Galaxy S3 , but I worry that could slow the phone as when jailbroke my iPod touch (I was a little late when I go through the menu screen right after the jailbreak , not drastically slow but it bothers me ) . Do any of you rooted your device ? Do you have any problem with it ?