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How to go to master setting in galaxt tab 2.. 10.1? related questions

  • 1How to go to master setting in galaxt tab 2.. 10.1?

    I just want reset the setting and my account so can anybody help me that how can go to master setting in galaxy tab 2...10.1

  • 2How to open setting in WhatsApp?

    A friend of mine installed WhatsApp in her Samsung Galaxy Mini smartphone. She wanted to change the profile picture but couldn't find 'setting' button to click. I have the same application in my Samsung Galaxy Tab, and can change the profile picture easily by clicking the bar button on the top right corner of the screen. However, this button seems to be absent when the application is installed in the Mini.[email protected]… Is it still possible to change the picture in the Mini?

  • 3Setting the battery on a new smart phone?

    I just bought a new Samsung Galaxy S2 of Sprint yesterday. I've always heard that you are too switch the phone , start using it, and let it run completely dead . Then they told me to go out and charge it completely. And do this 3 or 4 times . Is this true ? Will it help the battery or am I wasting my time? If this is true , do you leave your load while ? I'm expecting a call soon, but is almost dead . I stopped last night and loaded die completely in position 1 total time out , this is the second time its been loaded . thanks

  • 4Is there a setting that adds location to photos automatically?

    Settings for photo location

  • 5Samsung Galaxy S3 Remote Control Setting option.?

    I have the new Samsung Galaxy S3 and registered with the Samsung Account . There I realized I have a remote control function of the device while the phone can locate , lock , wipe , etc. However, the problem is that I can not find this option . I went to the configuration , security , but the remote control option is not there. I also reset the phone to default and remove and replace my Google accounts and Samsung . Has anyone been able to use this option ? thank you

  • 6Samsung Galaxy - is there a way to change the setting for pictures of contacts during an incoming calls?

    Hi guys . This is a silly question and I apologize in advance , but maybe there's a way to change this. So I have a new Samsung Galaxy Mini cell phone and do not like the way the images assigned to contacts display for incoming calls , which are small and I'm thinking that maybe there is a way how to change the settings or something like what the pictures would be full screen. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks-

  • 7Android Tablets: How do I reset my setting where youtube open up the app instead of opening the actual video?

    Ok so i have google chrome on my android tablet. (galaxy tab 2) and i want to stop google chrome from opening up the youtube app whenever i click on a video. it said i can turn thay off but i dont remember where. Can anyone help?

  • 8How to remove all widgets including contact,dail,message and setting on main screen of samsung galaxy ace plus?