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Android Market won't load! Help needed!? related questions

  • 1Android Market won't load! Help needed!?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Y. This problem started about 3 days ago. Whenever I try to open the Google Play Store, it just keeps on loading and loading and finally tells that "Connection timed out". I retry but still won't load. So I uninstalled the Play Store update and downgraded to the Android Market. But still, no luck. Help and suggestions appreciated! Thanking in advance! :)

  • 2My Galaxy Ace wont load up properly... help?

    ive had a samsung galaxy ace for a couple of months now and its been fine but now when i try and turn it on it loads up to where it says 'SAMSUNG' on the screen, and wont go any further... help?!?!?!

  • 3Facebook homepage wont load on samsung galaxy S2?

    The homepage doesnt but everything else is fine. This is on the browser, the app works but i prefer using fb with a phone browser.

  • 4Why wont my phone let me clear the data from the android market ?

    Had the HTC EVO 4G and got the Google play update and then dropped my phone and broke it. So I just got the HTC EVO 3D 2days ago and I'm still stuck with the old android market.

  • 5Best android rooting needed!

    Best android rooting needed!

  • 6Does the samsung galaxy note have the adroid market for tablets, or the android market for phnes?

    its a tablet/phone so Im just wondering if it has the android market from a smartphone or the android market from a tablet.


    (i just bought an android last month so im still learning about it...) Hey Guys i found this site called 4shared (some of you might have heard of it) basically it lets you get paid android apps for example would be cut the rope or doodle jump...i have dr. web antivirus (FREE VERSION) on my phone (Galaxy Nexus) and i wasn't sure if i should download these apps that are free mainly for 3 reasons... 1. im afraid that even though i have anti-virus software that it wont pick it up (if there is a virus) because its not a market app 2. im not sure if the is illegal or not and the monst important reason is 3. IM NOT SURE IF DOWNLOADING THESE NON MARKET APPS WILL VOID MY WARRANTY WITH TELUS!...(like apple does with the iphone, where if you jailbreak it they dont have to fix it....and yada yada it voids your warranty...) CAN ANYBODY HELP ME WITH MY QUESTIONS Phone: Samsung Galaxy Nexus (TELUS) OS: Icecream Sandwich

  • 8Do You Think the Android Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the best Android Tablet on the Market?

    If not what is the best Android Tablet than if Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not the best Android Tablet?

  • 9Samsung Galaxy S2 Apps won't load at all?

    Hi i updated my S2 a month or so ago to the latest Android Update that was available (Version 4 i think) however yesterday when i switched my phone on i was taken through the tutorial of the phone again. I realised something was wrong as my phone took longer than usual to load was and i was also constantly getting messages saying such and such app has stopped unexpectedly. I checked the settings on my phone and found that somehow my phone had downgraded automatically to the 2.3.5 version. I don't understand how this has happened. My messages, contacts, music and gallery files are all fine however none of my downloaded apps will start. Every time i try opening an app i get the error message. In particular one message that i get every five minutes is that google play has stopped unexpectedly. One app that i am particulary concerned about is the mini diary app which is a factory installed app as part of the phone. I had a lot of important information on this diary however it all seems to have disapperared. Is there any way i can recover this. Any help will be appreciated on any of the issues discussed above. Many Thanks.

  • 10How can I load music onto my Samsung galaxy s2?

    This is the first time I've had a samsung phone. The guy in the shop said loading music onto the phone is actually easier than an i phone. I've also downloaded samsung kies, but it doesn't seem all that easy. Thanks in advance

  • 11Android Market Help.?

    I bought the Samsung Galaxy Ace yesterday and I found my way through all cellular functions and derogating the Android Market by clicking on the application that tells me to make a google account , so I made one , then I click on it, which says exactly the same , so when I press login and enter all my information , just says

  • 12What is the best android on the market?

    HTC an S / X Samsung S2 / 3 Or something more ?